cassette tape gift for teen

Guest post for Eat. Sleep. Make

When the girls first asked me to be involved in the series I happily said yes, what I didn’t know however, was how difficult it would be to come up with a handmade gift for a teen. 
One was too kiddie, one too old, one not cool enough…etc.

But I hope you will agree that this gift is not only unique but cool enough for even a teen  
I made two, one for my son who is almost thirteen and for my younger son who is only 10 but loves music and playing his guitar. 

Here is what you will need:

Old cassette tapes
kitchen knife or putty knife
piece of scrap fabric (large enough to cover the cassette
glue gun
needle and thread 

 1. With a kitchen knife slowly pry open the cassette. Note: some of the older tapes have        screws that you will need to remove. Remove all the contents.
2. Place cassette over piece of fabric and trace around it. Cut out and set aside.
3.Take zipper and slowly start to glue onto tape as shown being careful that you do not get hot glue on teeth of zipper as it will ruin the zipper.
4.Continue to go around tape.
5. Trim excess of zipper
6. With a needle and thread sew around the teeth of the zipper as shown. This will avoid the slider to slide out. 

7. Continue to glue zipper on the other side of the tape.
8.Make sure you align both sides as you go along.
9. Glue liner onto the tape, again making sure no glue touches the zipper.
10. Trim any excess fabric or threads from fabric
11. Admire your work!
12. Insert a gift card, some money etc.

 I not only love this gift because it’s a great way to recycle but also one of the tapes I used was one that my son and I would sing along to when he was only a toddler. 
It brought back so many memories.
 These would also look amazing spray painted in different colours don’t you think? 
Neon pink or green perfect  for a teen girl. 

And it’s the perfect size to stuff in their stocking too !  

Thank you so much for allowing me to share with you, I hope to see you again soon!

much love,


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