Hello everyone.  Around this time today, we usually share your features.  As I prepared the post, my heart would not allow me.

Yesterday, the hearts of many parents broke in unison as the news from Connecticut filled our TV screens.  It is unfathomable to imagine the pain these families are enduring at this time. 

Like many of you, I sat there watching in horror numbed.  Tears streaming down my face thinking of these poor children.  I imagine they cried, they called for their mommies or daddies or perhaps they didn’t have time to react.

It is difficult not to look up at the heavens and want to shout and say ‘why do you allow these things to happen?’.  We are after all only human.  I do believe that their sweet little souls are now with Him and so we must now pray for those who are left behind.  Those whose lives will never be the same again and whose hurt is so deep they are probably questioning their own existence.  

It should not take a tragedy like this to make us realize that our time on earth is precious.  That the people we love are what makes this journey worth it.  It should not take seeing dozens of people murdered to want to say ‘I love you’ to our children a little more often or want to hug them a little tighter.  It should not take tragedies like this to want to make a change in the laws.  Because for 27 people, it’s 24 hours too late. 

‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds’ Psalm 147:3

I will be sharing your features tomorrow; I hope you understand.

Sending you so much love,


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    What happened was a true tragedy and I am so thankful to have my children safe with me. We have to keep in mind that going to heaven is our ultimate goal, and the victims hopefully are in a better place now. It is us who have to continue living without our loved ones, who we should feel sorry for. God gave us free will and allows us to make our own choice to love Him or deny Him. Sadly we have a tendency of hurting ourselves. I once heard someone say “how can we be mad at God for allowing a shooting in a school when we kicked Him out of our schools?” This world has turned their backs on God. I do not think He makes bad things happen but I do think we are the ones who cause them. God cant always bail us out every time we make mistakes.

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    I very much support you in waiting on the features! And your post was very well written and I’m sure many many many of us share your feelings. I have to agree with those who say ‘what can we expect when we have kicked God out of our schools’ BUT this is NOT a sentiment directed towards the familys directly involved in the horror in Conneticut! They are the innocent victims of a nation gone wrong. that is what always happens when a nation forsakes God – everyone suffers – guitly and innocent alike. Praying for everyone involved and praying for our whole nation.

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