Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back from paradise....

Hello my sweet friends.  I hope you have all kept well.
Just wanted to show you a few pictures from our little vacation.
Don't worry, there aren't that many. Only a few out of hundreds we took.

Here we are at the airport at 4:00am....yawn! 

After a looong plane ride, this is 
an aerial view of our destination...

Getting ready to land. 
While Bella is having a great time with 
the descent, I'm holding on to dear life...

That same afternoon, we took 
our first walk along the beach...

My little sister came along with us...

The kiddies swam day and night...

We ate Paella by the sea side...yumm

There was not a cloud in the 
sky during our entire stay...

 the beach...

 pool side...

the pools...

 We traveled to the city where the 
colours are vibrant and beautiful...

 We rode a beautiful private Virginia

We visited the various bays, saw dolphins, 
manta rays, sea turtles and all sorts of wild life.
(a natural rock formation of a face)

We did some deep sea fishing and snorkeling...

And we swam in the Pacific ocean...

Some of us relaxed and enjoyed the ride...

 ...while some of us slept and felt a little sea sick...:( 

We took a lot of pictures...



We had a wonderful time and even though I miss the warm sunny weather and the beautiful sandy beach, I am glad to be home and eager to do some crafting.  I had planned on bringing my sketch book but forgot it last minute and so I can't wait to do some painting.  

I have a lot of catching up to do and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.

Glad to see you again....xo


ps. I don't always wear a bright pink neon bra under a sheer blouse....:/



  1. Oh, it looks like you had such a wonderful, relaxing time! How wonderful! Also, your family is adorable! Glad you're back!

  2. What a wonderful vacation! You and your family are beautiful. LOL about the pink bra.

  3. How beautiful :) I enjoyed seeing your pictures, and I enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  4. These photos are so gorgeous. I am totally aching to go to the beach now. : )

  5. Mexico? Thanks for sharing the pics- everyone looks happy- even at 4:00am!

  6. it seems you´d wonderful days ...

  7. Oh, sweet Lucy! I am so thrilled to see what a gorgeous trip you're having. Keep lapping it up, Gorgeous! J x

  8. Paradise. And you didn't invite me? Well, thanks for including me by sharing the pictures. It looks so marvelous, sunny, and happy.

  9. Welcome back, dear friend!! You all look beautifully rejuvenated and ready to take on the world, again!!! Looking forward to seeing where all that beauty and relaxing takes your inspiration. LOVD tidings, Lil

  10. such a beautiful family and such a beautiful trip! I am so happy that you were able to get away!!! :)

  11. What an amazing vacation! Thanks for sharing pictures... what a sweet family you have.

  12. Girl you look hot!!! What an awesome time for you and your familia!
    Looking forward to some more inspiring post.

  13. What a wonderful family vacation. A memory that will be forever etched into your childrens' minds because of their ages. How sweet and happy everyone looks. I am so happy that you were able to do this magical vacation, Lucy.

    I kind of miss your son's long hair~and I can see that Bella is a Daddy's girl in a couple of those last pictures....and a pink bra under a sheer white shirt? C'mon ...maybe you can give Madonna a run for her money. xo Diana

  14. Thank your for sharing your family vacay with us! Such gorgeous photos -- and such yummy blues (including cobalt, my fave!)

  15. What a gorgeous place and such a beautiful family! Glad you all had a blast!

  16. Looks like it was a wonderful vacation and I just assumed it was part of a swimsuit (not a bra)

  17. OK. I'm officially jealous. It looks so relaxing. Glad everything went so well.

    P.S. I kinda like the pink bra look. Seems appropriate for the area. I thought it was a swimsuit too.

  18. What an amazing vacation!! Such a beautiful place!! Gorgeous photos!

  19. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful vacation. Great photos of your trip.

  20. How blessed! Beautiful family, great vacation~

  21. What beautiful pictures, looks like you had a wonderful time. Where did you go?

  22. Hi Lucy! I have been following your lovely blog for sometime now but this may be my first time leaving a comment. I can certainly relate to your holding on for dear life, I on the other hand hold on throughout all aspects of air travel. Nice of you to share your lovely vacation photos. Sheila, a fellow Cdn.

  23. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation pictures. So happy that you had a wonderful time as a family after the tough year you have had. Your family is beauitful. Also I love your new profile picture. Welcome home.

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