Sunday, January 1, 2012

Decor Trends 2012...

Happy New Year friends!  We have started a new chapter and the pages are blank waiting for you to write your story....

I thought I would stop by to say hello and share some of the decor trends of 2012 according to Style at Home magazine...

 Malachite is a semi precious stone also known as the Peacock stone  

We saw an influx of reptile print on clothing this
fall and furniture usually follows right after...

Home Depot wall paper
Modenus table
1st DIBS  mirror

Probably one of my favourite trends is Chinoiserie,
or a modern take on Chinese motif decor....

Designzie blue wall paper
flutter flutter girl room
artedona plate

Wall paper with geometric shapes is still going
strong, yet there is a shift to anything hexagon...

Decor8 lamps
Eclectic revisited wallpaper
My Natastic Life wallpaper

We are also welcoming Tangerine Tango as the Pantone colour of the year...

Bright, cheerful, feel good color...exactly what I need right now.
What do you think of the trends?  Is there one in particular you are attracted to? 

On a side note, while it's been a little gloomy around here and I haven't had much desire to create, please know that I do miss this place and my interaction with you.

I'm not sure when I will speak to you again, but I sure hope it is soon.  

Until then, please know that with all my heart, I wish you a beautiful New Year, filled with hope, fulfilled dreams and bright horizons.

sending you much love,


  1. I'm really loving Tangarine Tango. It's a nice classy orange. I love it with light teal or Tiffany blue. Thanks for sharing all of the trends with us!

  2. Lucy- What a nice little pop of color. My hubby's grandmother had a lot of malachite in her home. I believe it is mined in the UP-at least I know they bring the cargo ships in and out with it.

    I seem to be stuck on serene right now. There is always so much going on here that I crave the blandness of not too much color...maybe a pop here and there..and, of course, traditional Christmas colors here but, other than that, pretty much texture and not so much color.

    Happy New Year to you, Lu. I hope it's not too long before we see you again- You are missed when you aren't here- xo Diana

  3. I don't think I could ever use reptile print in my home after nearly dying from a rattlesnake bite 2 years ago. I do like the tangerine though!

  4. Oops I forgot to say that I do hope you are doing better. The holidays are so hard on us at times with helping with depression.

    I was reminded too today in a sermon of the words of Jesus right before He knew He was going to go to Calvary- "Glorify your son Father so that Your son may glorify you" (John 17) Cancer is such a terrible thing- my family has experienced it also and yet, God can bring glory and honor to Himself with anything, even cancer- some how that thought made it more comforting to me as I saw my loved ones go through what they had to during those days. Know you are in the palm of His hand and He loves you-

  5. Looks to be a stylishly bright new year. Funny, I had the same reference to "writing your story" today on my blog. I don't think it's coincidence. I think it's just great minds thinking alike;-)

    All will be better soon.

  6. Anything in the orange family makes me smile! Also love the bright and bold emerald green colors - looks amazing paired with gold accents!

  7. I adore Chinoiserie. I'm really happy with tangerine, too. It's easier to work with than the pink they had last year.

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  10. Wow, all my favorites. Who knew I'd be a trendsetter? Seriously, though, I find your style sense a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work!

  11. nice orange color combination. Your bed sheet design is very good. I really like it.

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