White Magnolia….

 Dear Heaven, I give thanks to thee
For things I did not know before,
For the wisdom of maturity,
For bread, and a roof, and for one thing more…
Thanks because I still can see
The bloom on the white magnolia tree!
Helen Deutsch
 I have always admired the beauty of the Magnolia tree…
 …with its large, yet delicate flowers.
 The splendor in which they bloom every spring…
 Even its leaves are vibrant and full of beauty…
 Unfortunately, my admiration has always been from afar…
 …as we live in a fairly new neighbourhood where
Magnolia trees are few and far between.
So this week, I made picked some Magnolia
flowers from my little Craftberry Bush…
 …and since they are made of paper, they will last a lot longer.
 I made picked enough to make a wreath…
 …and glued some onto branches.
Some I left loose…
 …but I think they are all Anthro-like, no?
I removed my winter paintings and decided
to fill the wall with some simple empty frames, 
a few bird houses and the flowers.
 A very ‘country’ grouping of items…
This little display adds some fun whimsy
to an otherwise long empty wall….
Please go here to see a full tutorial of the paper Magnolia
Lastly, I wanted to share with you a little project
that has been keeping my sister and I very busy…
Isn’t she ‘pinchable’? 
I hope to share more details with you soon!
Sorry if I haven’t communicated with you in a while…I’ve missed you.
Please keep in touch and have a great day!
much love, 


  1. says

    Lucy your words alone are so beautiful and inspiring, as well as the artistic gift the Lord has blessed you with. My magnolia tree only blooms for such a short time, now I can always come back here and admire yours.

  2. says

    Beyond beautiful. I am your newest follower. I can’t wait to sit down and make this. I am going to link back to this project on my Best of Spring Feature on my blog highheelsandlattes.com.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, I love this. It’s so beautiful…in the frames and on the branches. I love the framed birdhouses as well! Gorgeous.

  4. says

    Waouh ! je suis émerveillée par toutes ces créations !!! J’adore ces fleurs en papier. Merci de nous faire partager toutes ces belles images et explications.

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