Some more wrapping….

A little while back, I showed you some simple wrapping ideas. Simple in that I used items around the house  and plain white paper yet yielding beautiful results.  I decided to post the pictures again in case you missed them the first time.
1. Paper book florette with mini pine cone as topper 2. Terry cloth with old belt
3.Pompom made out of fabric scraps and white yarn 4. Two tone rose made out of scrap fabric
1. Flower  made out of scrap fabric, paper flower and some greenery 2, Book page rose (tutorial available), dried branches and berries covered in paper. 3. Christmas ornament with lose scraps of fabric,lace and more berries. 4. Giant pompom and greenery. 
1. Paper flower,paper leaf and brown pompom. 2. Faux birch bark and dollar store  butterfly embellishment
3. Homemade white pine cone 4. Giant snowflake

There are so many wonderful wrapping ideas out there and I hope that you find the perfect way to wrap your gifts (if you have yet to wrap).
Tomorrow is Christmas !!!!
much love,


  1. says

    Lucy; Oh my heavens – the PACKAGE alone could be the gift for heavens sake… beautiful enough to just be an accessory in the home somewhere! I just love all the natural elements you’ve used here and I’m going to be a follower of your blog now! I hope you’ll stop by and visit my blog sometime soon and consider following me back ;)

    ~New England Style~

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