Noel Blanc

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Well it’s clearly not the night before Christmas, but in preparation for, look at what sprouted from the Craftberry Bush this week-end…….savour and enjoy!

Daddy, Mama, Ethan, Tristan and Isabella
Upon seeing the size of the stockings, the kids expressed a little concern – “umm…don’t you think
they’re kinda small Mama?”.  Something tells me we need to revisit the true meaning of Christmas.
Lacie and pretty for the girls…
…and two little brown stripes for the boys.

And this is how I made it…

Hubby cut me a piece of 2×4 that was laying around
in the garage and drilled 5 holes through the plank.
Notice my highly detailed plan in the background?
I then sanded and painted the wood.  I was concerned the letters would break if we drilled
them in so we glued them like so.  Because it will sit on the mantel place I wasn’t
too worried about the way it looked from behind (sorry to the perfectionists out there)
I then drilled a hole through the back of the cloth pin and threaded some twine through it
The twine feeds through the plank and is secured with a little knot at the back
to hold it in place (for extra securtiy I also added some glue around the knot).
I had originally painted the letters brown and I think it looks nice,
but I was dreaming of a ‘Noel Blanc’ like this……….
Oh Noel, Noel….
J’aime ma craftberry beacoup.
This project was so easy and inexpensive….I hope you enjoyed it!
Wishing you an inspiring week!
Much love,
Fine Craft Guild


  1. says

    This is seriously adorable. Let’s see–LOVE graphic Noel; the holes drilled in the clips; tiny custom stockings, threaded like fishing poles. Brilliant! I’d love if you linked your project to Fabric Fun Thursday. :)

  2. says

    This a adorable. None of the commercial stocking hangers work on my mantels and I’ve had to use small nails at the back. This is so much better.

    Please stop by my blog this week and see the result of a couple of your tutorials. I credited you, so I hope you are flattered rather than displeased. I can’t wait to use the Thankful Walnuts and am already trying to think of a way I can adapt it to Christmas using something other than nuts.

  3. says

    What a sweet blog and a darling project. I love it. The little lace stockings with the twine and the Noel — it’s a whole package that works beautifully together! Thank you for linking to the Boardwalk Bragfest. I bet I caught you right after you linked and haven’t had a chance to put the Boardwalk Bragfest button up yet. Would you do that pretty please? Have a blessed Thanksgiving; and I look forward to seeing many of your bragables at the party in the future (every Tuesday)!

  4. says

    This is such a beautiful project. Thank you for sharing it with us at

    In fact, it’s so good that I’ll feature it in today’s linky party. Stop by to pick up your ‘I’m featured’ badge and perhaps add another one or two of your great creations/tutorials.

    We love having you being part of us! Great work!

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