Giant Yarn Orbs DIY

Giant yarn orbs

Hello again! I couldn’t wait to share this post as it’s one of those SUPER SIMPLE crafts that can have a great impact.

Christmas livingroom craftberrybush-9

I love how whimsical they are and how they look under the tree. They’re like giant snowballs or yarn balls.


Christmas livingroom craftberrybush-10
giant snowball spheres_

I couldn’t decide where to put them as they’re so fun and versatile.

giant snowball spheres_-3
giant snowball spheres_-5
I used the 10 inch and the 8 inch foam balls from FloraCraft and covered them with some chunky yarn I found at Michaels.

As I said, these are so simple to make and you don’t really need the ‘how to’, but as I took pictures out of habit, here you go…


Start by placing some hot glue at the top of the foam ball and adhere the end of the yarn.


Begin wrapping yarn around the sphere. You can use glue as you go along, but I found the texture of the foam ball to be almost velcro-like, so I didn’t have to use the hot glue. The benefit of that of course being that should I ever get tired of them or wish to replace with different colored yarn, I can simply unravel and start over.


Continue going around and around until you reach the end.


Secure the end with a dab of hot glue and that’s it!

Christmas livingroom craftberrybush-10

Fun and easy, right?

Please don’t forget to come back tomorrow for part 2 of my home tour where I will share the rest of this space. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by.

much love,



  1. Melissa Edwards says

    I just love this idea! Can’t wait to rush out to get some white yarn! What is the “snow” on your tree? It looks like a soft white feather boa! Is that correct? I love the look and would like to recreate it. Thank you again for the lovely idea!

  2. Kathy Saldana says

    I ❤️ The orbs…..but you tree is awesome!!! The snow covered limbs and the gather of snow (that I think is a fine feather boa)… Shear perfection!! Brand of tree???

  3. Peggy says

    Now those orbs are another thing I must make. They are
    beautiful. Love them by your gorgeous tree.

    Do you fluky snow batting in the tree or do
    you use the dusters? I couldn’t find any of those dusters
    in white and really wanted them for my rustics snow
    tree this year. Will keep looking. How many did you use
    on your tree.

    Thanks so much – you are amazing.

  4. Diana says

    Love the balls of yarn – so simple yet elegant !!!love love love your tree!!! Where did you get all the gold horns in the tree? They are amazing !!!

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