Ikea Lack table hack to Succulent vertical garden


A few weeks ago, my friends at eHow invited me to participate in a #projectThrowdownChallenge, in which 6 eHow contributors were to create one home decor project using our imagination and four specific materials.

For this challenge, we were asked to use:
1. Ikea Lack Table
2. One sonotube
3. Paint or decoupage
4. Chains

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this type of challenge as it forced me to think outside the box and use my creativity. For my project, I decided to create a vertical succulent garden.


Once I had the design planned out, it was fairly easy to put together. I of course recruited hubby’s help to aid with the measuring and cutting part and the process went something like this:

1. Measure and mark your design
2. With a sharp utility knife, cut through the laminate table top
3. Remove cutout portion of the laminate
4. Peel away cardboard hive inside the table
5. Cut table legs to desired size of design
6. Use wood glue to attach legs to inside of table and allow 24hrs to thoroughly dry
7. Spray paint if desired
8. Cut sonotubes to fit inside table
9. Screw large eye hooks to either corner of table; attach chain to hang
10. Line Sonotunes with garden plastic
11. Cover with chicken wire

12. Fill table box with soil
13. Snip small “pups” from succulents you already have growing in your garden (the stems should be at least 1/4 inch long)
14. Insert the cuttings stem ends through the chicken wire and into the soil; leave the frame lying flat in a cool location for about a week to settle

Once plants are securely rooted (2-4 weeks), display the frames upright in an area that receives morning or filtered sun.

I’m kinda loving the way this looks on the mantel, but I also really love seeing it laying flat on our patio table.

I think one of my favorite parts of this project was seeing the cardboard hive-like material inside the table…ha. So what do you think? Cool little hack, no?  I’m pretty proud of the outcome, mostly because I would have never thought of cutting up a table and using it in this manner if it hadn’t been for this challenge.

Here’s another part of the challenge: the design with the most pins will be the declared the winner of the challenge, so hopefully, you have enjoyed this enough to give it a little ‘pin’. Go HERE to see the rest of the participants amazing projects . But use this PIN if you want me to win…;)


 Thank you so much for stopping by…xo



  1. says

    I love it! You are so dang creative it blows my mind! Such a brilliant and unexpected hack. I’m also surprised how the honeycomb cardboard stuff looked in the middle… And I’m surprised with how easy it was to cut… Just a utility knife?! Beautiful staging too! Xoxo

  2. Jonathan F says

    Wow, that was so ambitious cutting into the Lack table. Now I know what it looks like on the inside. Your vertical garden is absolutely stunning.

  3. hipstersmuse says

    This looks really nice, but how do you water it? I’m assuming that it’s possible to put the planter horizontally each time for several minutes for the water to be absorbed, but then I fail to understand how the laminate inside is protected from water damage? Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Thank you so much for your questions. The inside of the ‘planter’ is lined with plastic to protect the laminate. I also recommend easy to care for plants
      like succulents. They require little water and overall maintenance. You could take it down if you wish and give them a little spray, but you can also
      just keep it up on the wall and spray them just the same. They don’t need soaking so I have not had a lot of water drip down.

  4. charly says

    Beautiful project!

    What type of plastic did you use to line the inside – did you place this underneath the sono-tubes?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Tara says

    Hey I like be your table hanger! What have you used in between your succulents? I’m trying to make one aswell

  6. says

    I love this IKEA hack! This week I will be working on this myself, but I have a few questions.
    The sonotube you are talking about, what is it and can I use something alternative? (I live in The Netherlands and nobody seems to know it here). Also, is that moss in-between the plants? Last question, how do you make the chicken wire stay inside, I would think it would fall out?

    Thank you so much!

  7. Amanda says

    Hi Lucy!
    Tired of looking at my Lack table as is, and going to attempt your succulent garden hack. However, I live in the UK and Sonotubes aren’t an option. If you were using an alternative what would you recommend? I’m thinking egg cartons, but looking for suggestions as you were the mastermind behind the original.


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