Christmas cloche

Hello friends! I hope you had a great week. 
I sit here on a Thursday evening, after a long day of painting walls, driving kids back and forth to and from school, parent teacher interviews, dog walks, cooked meals and everything in between. 
It’s late, I’m exhausted and I once again find myself 
wondering why I procrastinated writing this post. 
I  think to myself, ‘I should have done it this afternoon, while my mind was still fresh and I was less prone to making spelling errors’. (did you already spot some?)
 But the truth is,  I enjoy writing in the serenity of the evening. 
When I can look back and see all that I accomplished during the day. 
It’s during these quiet times that I feel a sense of gratitude, for our home, 
the food on our table our health and this little space. 

I’m fortunate to participate in several blog hops, and I truly enjoy joining my friends in the creative process, but this particular one I was very excited about. You see, I believe in handmade, I believe in seeing beauty in things that someone discards and might even consider ‘trash’. 
But I specially believe that filling your home with
 beauty does not have to cost you a lot of money. 
So when my very talented friend Alice, asked me if I wanted to participate in the Holiday Thrift Store Challenge. I immediately said ‘yes’. 
Remember my fall mantel? Well, I decided that these little
 cloches would look pretty cute updated for the holidays. 

So I took this + this and made ….
1. Remove glass dome from clock
2. Spray pain terracotta saucer white and allow to dry.
3. Apply a generous amount of glue on saucer 
4. While glue is wet, cover with glitter. Allow to dry.
5. Fill saucer with fake snow and place desired item to display. 
NOTE: You can also spray paint the actual base of the clock if you wish. 

So simple to do and as you can see, you can put pretty much anything in it. 
I plan on making a few more to display in our living room.
A little village would look adorable no? 

But wait till you see all these other beautiful ideas … wow right? 
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Thank you so much for stopping by…have a great weekend! xo 



  1. says

    Wow! the cloches from the tacky mantel clocks….This is so inspiring! Something else I will be looking for at thrift stores and yard sales from now on…;) Thank you for such a wonderful idea!
    Your cloches look beautiful and I love the simple elegance in your decor.


  2. says

    These are completely fantastic Lucy!! Love them and all of your beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for joining me in the challenge!! (I am always asking myself why I procrastinate with posts too…haha…but I do enjoy writing later at night when all is quiet in my house ;)

  3. says

    At first I thought: Where did she get these cloches? And then I saw! I will never pass by something shaped like a cloche but is something else again without thinking of this project! Well done and oh, so beautiful! I’m with you: homemade, handmade and “make do.”

  4. says

    So pretty! Now I’m wondering if there are any glass clock domes left out in our backyard shop. It used to be a clock shop and we haven’t quite gotten to cleaning it all the way out.

  5. says

    These are all just wonderful as is your photography! Everything always seems so much prettier and more charming under glass doesn’t it. Your Fall mantle has always been an absolute favorite of mine and makes me smile every time I see it.


  6. says

    Elegant! I love using cloches in my vignettes. They make everything look magical! I like how you used the terra cotta base and added the sparkles was such a fun challenge! Kuddos to Alice.

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