Fall Home Tour 2014 – Part 2

Hello everyone! 
It has been a busy week here at Craftberry Bush,
but I’m so happy you are here…:) 

Last week I shared the first part of
our tour, which you can see HERE .

These tours are a lot of fun, don’t you think? 

As you may know, I enjoy decorating this little hutch for the
various seasons. You can see previous displays here and here

On a previous post, I mentioned I had been collecting copper
from thrift stores to use in the hutch this year and here it is.

As usual, it’s not complicated and I have used natural elements as an
easy accent for fall. I love the way copper mimics the rusty colors of Fall.

 I also used some of my old cutting boards, again
to enhance the neutral colors of the season.

Don’t you just  love the changing colors of fall?

You may have already seen our family room.
 I also shared a tutorial for the paper feather wreath. :)
Let’s go on upstairs….

This is Bella’s room.

It has been a work in progress but it’s almost completed.
 It doesn’t always look this tidy as Bella is also
very creative and is often making something.

Whether she’s cutting paper, using the hot glue gun
or painting a picture…she knows the meaning of
creativity being messy and uses that to her advantage.

She painted the canvas above her bed last year…

…and the little flamingos in the frames.
 I know I’m bias, but aren’t they great?

I made this little bunny from one of her
sweaters from when she was a toddler. :)

And we painted these together to display on her desk. 

Cute, right?

The mini crate is from Canvas Corp and is actually a recipe box,
but it looks adorable holding these pumpkin doughnuts. 

I will have more of Bella’s room tomorrow and will
share some of the details on the shelves, which hubby built. 

Here is our master bedroom.

This is quite a large room as you’re only seeing half of it. 
The other half holds our dressers and the TV
and there is also a large ensuite bathroom attached.

You may have noticed that I moved the chairs that used to
be here downstairs, giving me a perfect excuse to buy a chaise…;)

I traded the blues and greens from the
summer and brought in some grays and browns.
I love this knitted quilt by Nicole Miller.

It represents the cozy sweaters that we all love to wear in the fall.

And of course, a little nature…

Oh Hi! Don’t mind my ponytail and dirty finger nails…

…and a wise old owl. 

And of course this guy…because he can’t help
but to follow me around everywhere I go.

As a matter of fact, he is sitting by my feet as I type this. 
His faithfulness is beautiful.

Well friends, that’s all I have for you today.

I hope you can come back again tomorrow so as I’ll
be sharing details of the amazing adventure
I had with some bloggy friends while thrifting.
And on Friday, I’ll be sharing our entry way (above is a sneak peek).

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I hope we were able to inspire you. 
When you have a minute, please visit
some of my friends below.  








  1. says

    Simply beautiful, Lucy! The copper vessels are such a pretty accent in your hutch, and I love your little girl’s room…such fun colors…and she is already a great artist too, takes after her momma! I enjoyed visiting your blog as always!
    Happy Fall!

  2. says

    I absolutely love how you did your china hutch with the copper canister sets. I have one of those, and have mine up
    on shelves, but love everything about the way you accessorized your hutch. Really different, fresh, casual, and beautiful
    all at the same time. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. says

    Also forgot to say what a talented child you have, her paintings are awesome. Course, guess she gets that talent honestly from Mom and Dad. Which is great…………………
    Her room is beautiful and colorful. Loved the shot of you in the mirror……….whimsical and cute!
    Have a wonderful Fall……………
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. says

    Gorgeous pictures of your hutch you accessorized it perfectly! Love that bunny you made from the sweater too. That is a great keepsake for her. Wish I photographed as well as you came out in that selfie. I’m not photogenic at all!!


  5. says

    Lucy, I love the “life” in all of your pictures! They all look like someone was there but just stepped out of the frame before you snapped a picture! LOVE you beautiful home! Bella’s room is precious!

  6. says

    Your style is always so fresh, yet timeless. I am finding this post four years later via Pinterest and everything still looks current and stylish! Love your style! I am looking forward to seeing what you share for fall this year!

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