A Farmhouse Christmas – Christmas Hutch and 8 Styling Tips

Hello again!
It’s Thursday and that means we
are one day closer to the weekend.
I’m not sure about you, but the build up to the Holidays can be
exhausting and I’m ready to sit back and enjoy some time off with my family.
But before that happens, I have the honour of participating
in A Farmhouse Christmas with 7 of my talented friends.
I seem to have a lot of talented friends, have you noticed?
While we obviously don’t live on a farm, I am so drawn
 to the farm/French country decor. So much so that even
 though I try new ‘trendier’ styles, I keep coming back. 
Perhaps it’s the sweet memories of my childhood while visiting
my Grandfather in the country, or visiting a family friend’s farm and learning
at a very young age how to make cheese, the old fashion way.
Or perhaps it’s just that I find farm and country living peaceful and
noble.  Whatever it is, I’m drawn to farm living and its rustic, vintage
charm (but admittedly like a little of glam here and there).  I guess I
would define my style as a modern farm, if there’s such thing. 
Feel free to see the entire home tour 

Today, I want to share some of the details of our Christmas hutch,
along with some tips I keep in mind when decorating those areas.
I’m obviously not a trained interior designer and am certain I commit
a “faux pas” or two when decorating.  But these are the tips I usually
keep in mind whenever I decorate my hutch or create a vignette.  


Finding the theme as a starting point usually helps me decide what items and
colour combination I will be using.  In this case, the theme was easy – Christmas. 

If you need to, be more precise and consistent with the rest of the home,
which in my case was a Cozy Christmas Cabin.  The cozy mugs
and the snowballs coordinated with the rest of the Christmas home decor. 

Arranging items in odd numbers has a stronger visual effect than

placing items in twos or fours.  Take a look at the picture above – the
shapes form a spacial triangle, thus making it more visually appealing.
The science behind it?  I frankly don’t know.  I just know it works.


The display would not work if the mugs were placed directly on
the shelf, without varying their height, which ties with tip 4 below.



I purchased this cute little mug at Walmart, which cost less than
$3.00 and I knew would be a great addition to the theme.  However, it
would have been too short sitting on its own besides the balance, so I
simply placed some small collectible plates underneath to give it more
height.  You often see books or cake stands used to achieve this.

The scale on it’s own – though pretty – would have looked unbalanced
(no pun intended) if it was on its own (learn to make indoor snowballs here)
Still following TIP 4, but this time, the height is added by using the mug as a vase. 
The greenery adds instant height and interest to the display. 
This mug is also from Walmart and I love that it resembles those vintage Santa mugs.

Place items offset of each other instead of lining them up.  It’s easy to do this in a
hutch, where the dinner plates are placed in the back, but notice the pop bottle
is not aligned to the sifter or soup bowls that are slightly behind the big serving bowl. 

These cute little ramekins were purchased at the DS (two for $1).  The candy
cane is not only true to the season, but also coordinates with the colour scheme.
Of course using fruit or flowers is an easy and inexpensive way to achieve this.
There is no rule that says you have to just use dinnerware
in a hutch.  I used napkins and dish towels to once
again carry the colour theme all the way down the hutch.
The greenery also adds a different texture and interest to the display.
 So there you go – 8 tips not written by an interior designer,
but by someone who enjoys the art of display…:)   I hope
you can incorporate some of these some time.
Here are some other photos from our home, all dressed up for Christmas…:)

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Below is the list of the other ladies who are waiting for your visit.
Head on over, you will love each one of their homes…:) 

 Back Porch Musings
Cedar Hill Farmhouse

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  1. says

    Lucy, this is just GORGEOUS. I have poured over these pictures (I am so loving RED right now), and I love every little detail. Beautiful. Merry Christmas!! ~Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer

  2. says

    Great tips, Lucy! Love your Cozy Cabin theme! You can never go wrong with red and white (well let’s face it, you can never go wrong with any color paired with white)! So happy to be on this tour with you!! And if it makes you feel any better, I’m feeling a bit burnt out too … but I still have all my Christmas shopping to do. Ugh! :)

  3. says

    I could look at your pictures ALL.DAY.LONG, Lucy! It is absolutely gorgeous and perfect. I just love your style, and truly appreciate how honest you are. I too am feeling completely burnt and overwhelmed, and decided that before this holiday season gets away from me that I need to start taking the time out to spend time with family, and to do what’s important. Thank you sharing with us your beautiful home, and for being the wonderful person that you are.
    Merry Christmas!
    <3 Stephanie

  4. says

    Lucy, reading your blog is like opening a Christmas present. I get so excited to visit and with each picture I see something new, exciting & beautiful!!! I am pinning away. You truly are so amazing!!! Oh btw, I love your house, your exterior picture blew me away!!! Every room you decorated this year was incredible!!! Have a good weekend sweets, Jen-City Farmhouse

  5. says

    Your tips are wonderful, Lucy, as are your photographs. I’m writing a five part decorating series this week, focused on holiday floral designs, but I’d like to include this link for styling vignettes, if you don’t mind.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. says

    I loved reading your tips – I need help when it comes to styling a hutch! Your entire home is just beautiful, Lucy… I have enjoyed every photo you have shared of your Christmas decor. :-) Have a wonderful Christmas, sweet friend!

  7. says

    Lucy, I am such a huge fan of your style! Can you come and decorate my house!!!! Everything you do is swoon worthy. I think you tell stories with your images and I love it. Christmas at hour home is farmhouse perfection! Thanks for the tips!!!!

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