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  1. Oh my I wasn’t expecting it to be made with real apples. How lovely, and it is just a simple, darling look. Great idea and I like that it can feed the birds.

  2. I Love the wreath God provides the best decorating accessories. I did not know you live In Canada. My husband has been in Toronto all week. We have not been able to talk because of long distance. It’s a shame because Canada does not seem so far away but because its a different country it’s harder to communicate. For thanksgiving this year I am not traveling but having it at my moms house.

  3. Oh I love this Lucy. I was wondering what you were going to do with the apples once they started to turn. Great idea to let the birds eat it. Nope, not even ready for Thanksgiving, I can’t believe yours is already over, I for sure wouldn’t be ready lol

  4. Well, that’s about the most charming wreath i’ve ever seen. I can almost smell the apples looking at it. I love the vine twined all around it. Is that from the craft store, or is it real? it looks totally natural. I want to make one just like yours now!


  5. Lucy – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I am going to have to give this a try. Bet you could try using other fruit too! 🙂 Lemons could be really cute in the spring/summer!

    Blessings Sara

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