Wooden fence wall art

Springwatercolorprintables (1 of 1)-6 Happy Wednesday friends. Yesterday I shared a sweet free Daffodil printable along with 32 other spring time printables from some of my friends. Today I wanted to share the tutorial to this super cute wooden fence wall decor

Using unique pieces your decor add meaning and interest to a space. Sometimes, these pieces will be found at an antique market or store, and sometimes salvaged from the home itself. Having these beautiful pieces of decor is not always possible, but you can replicate the look of an old piece using simple materials.


Materials Needed:

1″ x 1″ x 4′ redwood fencing
Nail gun
Wood glue
Wood stain
White paint (optional)


1) Stain or paint boards (we used 13 vertical boards in this example)
2) Place boards on a flat surface and arrange the vertical height of the boards to match your design (in this example, the top of the tallest (middle) board to the bottom of the lowest (outside) boards measured 54″)
3) Beginning in the center, separate boards measuring (relatively) equal space in between each (in this example, the boards were placed 4″ apart from each other for a total width of 44″)
4) Measure and cut two horizontal boards (in this example, they were 46″ long to allow for a 1″ overlap on either side)
5) Place cut horizontal boards at desired height (these were placed 20″ apart)
6) Place some wood glue to the underside of the horizontal boards and glue into place
7) Secure horizontal boards to vertical boards using nail gun
8) Measure and cut a diagonal board and place in between the two horizontal boards (this one measured 39″)

watercolorbotanicalprints (1 of 1)
Cute and easy right? you can dress it up as I have done here for each season or just hang a simple wreath.

Don’t forget to go HERE to download your free printable and also check out my new SHOP feature, where you can purchase an instant download of the rest of these prints to complete your set.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Wishing you a beautiful day..xo



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