Easy Easter Table Setting

Easy Easter Table Setting

Hey everyone. Today I wanted to share an easy Easter table setting idea, inspired by nature and new beginnings.

Springlivingroom (1 of 1)-15

If you have followed along on my journey, you’ll know that I believe in creating a beautiful and inviting home without having to spend a lot of money. This table certainly reflects that belief.

Springlivingroom (1 of 1)-19

The runner is simply a piece of dropcloth which I had bleached and washed several times, giving it the appearance and feel of linen.

Springlivingroom (1 of 1)-21
A sweet little place setting on which you can write the name of your guests and they can take home.

Springlivingroom (1 of 1)-25

A couple of little pots reminiscent of springtime gardens.

Springlivingroom (1 of 1)-26

And of course, a couple of nests here and there.

Springlivingroom (1 of 1)-27
Easy Easter Table Setting
The entire setting is anchored by these birch logs, which I’ve used indoors for several years. I would not suggest using freshly picked logs as they might be the home of little critters. ha.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a little Spring Home Tour, as well as some other fun news.

Thank you so much for stopping by today…wishing you a beautiful day…xo








  1. Barbara says

    I love the table setting -especially the birch logs and the little pots. Did you do anything to “cure” the logs before using them initially? Like washing them, or trying to spray them to eliminate bugs and other crawling/flying creatures? This is a very refreshing vignette.

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