Cold Porcelain Recipe

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You might or might not know this about me but clay is my first love. It is actually how the name ‘Craftberry Bush’ came about let me tell you a little story and it has a little to do with this cold porcelain.
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Once upon a time, I used to sell polymer clay creations to a local boutique. I used to make pins and beads and all sorts of cute little children’s mobiles and I named my company ‘ Clayberry Bush’.  Fast forward a few years to when the blog was born, when I decided to change the ‘clay’ to ‘craft’.   Nowadays, this little space has evolved into more than just crafts, and sometimes I wonder if a name change is in order. But there is a lot of planning and brainstorming that goes behind changing the name of your brand. So for now, my little Craftberry Bush, will remain as is and hopefully will continue to  bloom with creativity.

I’m over at eHow, sharing the recipe for cold porcelain. It’s so easy to make and it yields beautiful results.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope to see you later on at The Inspiration Gallery.
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