Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Seasons of Home - Spring edition:blooming with color

 You hear it everywhere - "when is winter going to go away?"
To be honest, I have never understood why we want to rush through seasons as each one brings such beautiful gifts, but this year, 
I am honestly getting a little tired of this loooong winter.
 Yet at the same time I think to myself, 
 doesn't winter teach us about patience and doesn't winter make Spring that much sweeter?

I often think of winter as a symbol of struggle in our lives, when the days are cold and dark and there is no color  to be seen and yet we hold on to the hope that Spring is on its way. Bringing with her, beautiful colors and warmth. Symbolizing new beginnings and the ending of those struggles. 
It's no wonder that when we decided to do
 Seasons of Home - Spring edition: blooming with color was our choice. 
I started simply by painting inexpensive wooden egg holders I found at a thrift store. 
But usually things evolve into other things, and this cute little vase was born. 

This was the original idea...
Either way, their bright colors bring a smile to my face.

I hope you can take a minute and visit my friends as they bring you 
a little bit of color or their own. xo


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  1. You are so clever, those egg cups look so bright and cheery. Spring is so wonderful, it evokes the feeling of new life with all the tree's getting their leaves and blossom every where. Just right to herald Easter. The only problem is I live in Australia and in a few weeks it will be Autumn here.
    This was a lovely post.
    Hugs Kay

  2. Beautiful, Lucy. Those egg cups are so sweet and colorful and so happy! I love all the greenery too!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pops of color. Your photography is always so beautiful and inspiring, and the color just pops, perfect as we anticipate spring :) XO

  4. Beautiful Lucy! Everything you touch becomes beautiful. Looking forward to spring here too...even on this snowy day we are having :)

  5. Wow! beautiful! I really love the painted egg holders... such a great idea that brings so much color to a space!

  6. Love your touches Lucy. You are so right about the seasons. This year I am so tired of the winter, it has been long and rough for us for obvious reasons. I think winter does try and I say try to teach us patience. I never looked at it that way before. Great point.


  7. OMG! These are stinkin cute! Has anyone told you, you take the most amazing pictures too! :)

    Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story

  8. So, so lovely Lucy! I am always amazed and inspired by your talent.

  9. These are pretty. One thing I will say though. You obviously don't live in a climate where it's -30 and the wind chill will give you frostbite in 5 minutes. I pray for spring and wish summer would never end. Fall used to be my favorite season because I love experiencing change but now all it means is snow and misery is on the way. I see these cups and it gives me hope that spring is indeed on its way. I'm looking out my window on March 27th and there is still snow on the ground with more to come tonight. I'm sorry you don't understand why some of us rush through seasons but sometimes it's the only way to keep our sanity.


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