The human spirit….

I have always had a very fragile heart and tragedies affect me deeply.  The tragedy in CT has touched me in a way no other has touched my heart before.  It is difficult to see past the evil that surrounds this horrific event and yet there is a beautiful sense of compassion and human kindness that unites us when tragedies occur.  And that’s when you know that not all hope is lost.  

That even amongst all the darkness, God uses people as vessels of love and compassion.  It is during these tragedies that the human spirit is imminent and we unite in sorrow as we see past colour, race, religion.  It is during these tragedies that the human spirit unites to rebuild each other. 

Here is an article that helped me a little this week.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Christmas post.  Have a beautiful day.

much love,


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    Thank you for your beautiful soul…I have been going through personal struggles then the horrific events from Friday-just to much to bear. This little article is a tiny reminder that there is good and kindness–we just don’t hear it enough.

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    here, in Spain, we are also shocked for the tragedy, I feel really close to all Americans those days, and I am praying for those little angels and their parents.

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