Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Homemade Tree - handmade ornament 2

You made it through Monday...yay!  Monday's can be difficult enough as is.  For my friends in the U.S., I'm sure this Monday proved extra challenging after your long weekend.  

Yesterday I mentioned I would show you how to 
make this pretty Parisienne scene inside a bulb...

Given I already had two Eiffel towers, I thought I would make something a little different, but using the same technique.  Here goes....

1. Gently cut bottom of plastic bulb, setting the bottom piece aside
2. Cut a circle of cardboard a little larger than the opening that you just cut
3. Hot glue desired scene onto cardboard making sure the height of your scene fits within the bulb 
4. Hot glue bulb onto cardboard
5. Trim cardboard around ornament 
6. Remove hook from bulb and using a funnel, pour Epson salt or glitter into the bulb; set aside
7. Retrieve the cut-off bottom piece of bulb and fill with epson salt or glitter
8. Gently hot glue bottom piece of bulb onto bottom of the cardboard 
note: to cover the visible edge between the two parts that have been glued back together, apply a coat of ModPodge or glue to bottom of the bulb up to the visible edge. Dip bulb into Epson salt. You now should have a nice frosty effect on the bottom of the bulb and the edge will not be noticeable. 
9. Bend a Q-tip slightly and insert into the bulb to clean the inside of the bulb, where some of the glitter or salt might have gotten stuck 

 BONUS tutorial...

Instead of cutting entirely through the bulb, cut slightly more than half way.  Pinch the bottom of the bulb to open, insert object(s) and re-attach opening by gluing and follow steps 6&8 from above. 

I just love this one! 

This is going on my 'to do' list for my nieces and nephews.  The penguin is a 'survivor' from this post, which will soon be accompanied by more that I will make out of polymer clay.  Don't you think these would make great keepsakes?  A little memory Christmas ornament.

I hope you are enjoying this little series; I will be back tomorrow with more. 

And thank you so much for visiting.  I am extremely grateful for your company and the thoughtful comments you leave.  While I haven't had much of an opportunity to respond to all of them as I usually would (for reasons which I will be sharing with you soon), please know that I read each and every one and will respond to you as soon as I can.

much love,


  1. Wonderful I can't wait to see all your Christmas decor together xxx

  2. Too cute!!! I got some clear glass ornaments thinking that was what you used.. Hahahahaaa.. Oh well, I guess I will have to paint on them and get some plastic ones to make some inspired by yours..
    Cheers, Gee

  3. WOW Lucy, you really are so talented! I admire your imagination and your passion for what you do!
    The ornaments are just delightful!
    I cannot wait to see the rest of the Christmas projects you are planning for this year!

  4. So beautiful! That little penguin is just the cutest!!

  5. So cute!
    It will hang in our tree this year!
    That's for sure.
    Love, Annette

  6. The tree ornament is so beautiful and the penguin is just so cute!

  7. I love these ornaments!! Your vision is endless.

  8. Love this idea - totally inspired to try something like it! Take care, Laura

  9. what a great way to make ornaments! Thanks for sharing.

  10. How pretty! I love how whimsical these are. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  11. You are so, so clever. I REALLY love those whimsical little trees! So cute! xo Diana

  12. This is so delicate and beautiful great job. What a fun series you are doing. I just posted about a homemade ornament I made. http://thingsthatarepretty.blogspot.ca/2012/11/scrabble-ornaments-and-christmas.html

  13. Where do you find the plastic bulbs or what is the name on the packaging? All I can find is the plastic ones that break in half heigth wise!

  14. What a clever twist to a ship in a bottle! Now that I've seen how it's done it inspires lots of great little winterscapes. Great ideas! :)

  15. Love these ornaments - so creative and pretty! Just wanted to let you know I featured your post in my roundup of glass ornament crafts here. Feel free to check it out if you want and hope you like it! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist


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