Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Candy Jars...and some adorable inspiration

This idea doesn't merit a lot of words as it really is so very easy and super quick to make.  So get yourself some of your old baby food jars (or any other jar), some little plastic Halloween toys (I chose to use black ones so I didn't have to spray paint them), glitter, hot glue and you're ready to go...

1. Spray paint lid of jar (do not spray the underside)
2. While the lids are drying, brush some glue or
ModPodge onto plastic toys (mine are from the DS)
3. Sprinkle some glitter. Allow to dry
4. Hot glue sparkly toy onto lid
5. Fill with candy and ENJOY!
 Fun and easy right?

Here are some other adorable ideas that I just had to show you...

Take a look at these adorable monster cupcake picks that were featured over at Eighteen 25 by one of my sweetest blogging friends, Jessica from Two Shades of Pink

Check out this adorable collection of Halloween ideas that Kacey  
linked up to the Halloween Party...soooo cute!

And how gorgeous are these pumpkin cookies by Glorious Treats?

I like the brighter side of Halloween...:) Don't forget our Halloween party is on for the entire month of October, where I'm sure you will find some Halloween inspiration. 

And also - be sure to visit our HAPPY HOUR linky party every week starting on Thursday evenings. 

Thank you for keeping me company today!

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  1. I had to pop over and check out your jars - couldn't wait to see them. They are sooooo cute! I love them. Have a spooktacular day!!

  2. I am so going to make these with my boys! They will love them!

  3. Really cute and quick idea. Thanks for sharing.


  4. These would be perfect for my kids school parties!

  5. Love the jars and all the wonderful projects that you have featured. Good work everyone!

  6. Halloween loves you, Lucy. :)

    Those jars are darling. They kinda go with my PB spiders from 31 days that went up this week...

    I love the features! That's on my to-blog list tomorrow.

    Talk soon

  7. these are adorable! Love the glittered creatures!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. These stuff are all lovely specially the candy jars....great gift idea for Halloween for kids...
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  10. Great ideas! I am excited to create our own candy jars out of basic mason jars and other supplies. These would make great seasonal gifts or house warming gifts! Thanks for sharing.
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