Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love my pasta...

Everything around becomes a canvas
when I allow my creativity to run free...

You might be thinking...
'this girl has waaaayyy too much time on her hands'
and I would not blame you if you thought that...

Who paints on PASTA after all? The answer is, me. Why you ask? Well...
1. I had left over paint on my palette and didn't want it to go to waste (logical enough)
2. Isabella will always remember the day her mama said 'let's paint some pasta!' (and she was not joking)
3. No matter how bizarre this is, you have to admit, they do make you giggle a little

And so in this creative, sometimes crazy, but never dull world of mine, painting some bow pasta doesn't seem too crazy after all.

Because you see, perhaps it is not too much time on my hands that I have, but too much imagination that sometimes spills out in unorthodox ways...

But hey...look here...wrapping embellishment...

Cute little frame for little girl's room?
Not so crazy after all, huh? (please don't answer that)


I hope you allow your imagination and creativity
to do bizarre yet wonderful things today!

much love,

p.s. Our family is taking another little trip to the cottage today for a couple of days and so I won't be able to post, but am sure I'll find a minute or two to check out what you're up to.

Hubby is off this coming week and hopefully I can convince him to help me build something manly. I'm in the mood to saw and hammer some wood. I know exactly what I want to build and can't wait to share with you. 

See you all soon.

and here, thank you for taking the time to host.

Friday, July 22, 2011

3D painting technique...

Today the sun heats the earth as if enraged.
 Its mighty rays penetrate deep through my skin and
 I cannot find comfort or escape from its powerful heat. 

We are having a heat wave here in Toronto (48 C, or 118 F) that will be beating records, so the kiddies and I stayed in today, safe from the sun and this extreme heat.

I knew today would be a little busier than usual as we had company coming over for a weekday BBQ followed by a movie in the park, so I woke up early so that I may finish a little project I began a couple of days back (hubby would suggest 8:30 is not 'early' as he is long gone to work by then).

I want to share an embossing technique I have been using for a few years.  It's really very simple because the imperfections on your art is what makes it more appealing.

1. Sketch, trace or print out an image (if printing, glue to surface; I used an inexpensive foam board for this project)
2. With a hot glue gun, outline the image that you would like to emboss
3. Apply Mod Podge or glue over image
4. Gently adhere tin foil to glue and press gently against surface

5. Gently rub outlines (you should see them 'pop' up)
6. Trim excess tin foil 
7. Choose desired paint colours
8. Using a brush, apply paint to areas not covered by foil
9. You can see the various colours showing through (there are no rules when applying the paint)
10. With your hand, apply desired paint colour to the foiled image
11. I like to use my hand because it eliminates brush strokes and the colours blend easier
12. This process needs to be done gently to avoid foil from ripping.
13. I made the body of the butterfly with foil and painted it
14. Dip straight brush in paint and dab most of the paint off until brush is almost dry
15. With the edge, dab paint into the crevices
16. If you like the foil to show through gently rub off paint once dried

note: you will need to apply a coat of varnish or protective coating to seal the paint.

The inspiration for the colours came from this old Bo-kay tin we had found over the weekend.  It looks so old, yet it still has its contents.  I wish I knew more about it and had tried to Google it, but didn't find much.  Any ideas?

The colour combination of the turquoise and the coral is one of my favourites.  I bought this necklace a couple of years back and if I could, I would wear it every day.

The colours - in my opinion - are so refreshing and exotic and fits perfectly with this heat wave.
I do however wish I was being cooled off by a Caribbean breeze (insert sigh here).

The artistic know how for this project is minimal.  As mentioned, the image can be traced or photocopied and then glued onto the surface.  You are also not limited to using foil as you can use regular paper, book pages or magazine paper - the possibilities are endless.  And when painting or choosing colours,  anything need only let your creativity be free.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and thank you for your sweet company.

much love,

I will be sharing here, thank you for hosting!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A year of creativity in anniversary.

A year ago, I discovered a new world. A world where my creative soul feels free and empowered; a world where I am inspired to create day by day; a world where everyone is supportive and caring.

It is also a world that can take over every free minute of your day if you allow it and the pressure to measure up to others can become a source of insecurity and sometimes even jealousy. We are, after all, human.

A year ago today, I started this little blog in the hope of capturing the daily adventures of my children and I.  The intent was for this blog to serve as a photographic journal for them, but as time went by, the branches of this little Craftberry Bush have grown in a different direction.  Although I try to capture my every day along with my kiddies, the blog has evolved into something different than what I had intended and for that, I feel guilty. 

There are days when I feel I have reached the end of this road, but it is your beautiful friendships and sweet words that keep me going.  I am so humbled you have chosen to walk this creative journey with me and each time I read your encouraging words, you have - without knowing - left a little bit of your heart with me and it swells mine with gratefulness.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Even though I have been doing this for a year, I still feel like I did the first time I pressed the publish button.  I still don't know much about HTML, how to add certain features to my blog or how to add my 'own signature'.  I still feel anxiety when publishing a new post and wondering if it is 'good enough' to post, but it is your words that give me the confidence to go on.

I am not sure what this journey will look like from here, but please know that I will continue to try to inspire you and I will always be true to who I am and hope that my sincerity shows through each post. 

I would like to end this post as I have been doing for a thanking you for sharing your time with me and stopping by.

As always....much love,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A new week...

Hello my sweet friends - thank you for stopping by.

This weekend, we took a mini trip to our family cottage for a couple of days.  Even though it's located only an hour and a half away from our house, it always feels like we are far away vacationing.  

The kiddies love swimming in the pool and going fishing with their dad, while I catch up on my reading or just sit back and relax by the pool or beach.  This particular weekend however, we also got a chance to visit a community garage sale.

Hubby found several beautiful jars for me for only 25 cents each!!  I love the old rusty lids and the beautiful blue glass with its old petina.  These flowers are in full bloom right now and they look perfect in the jars.  Do any of you know what are they called?  

I also found this vintageThe PoP Shoppe bottle and this old flour sifter...

Not sure of the value these old bottles may have, if any, but their imperfections make them so beautiful in my eyes.

Even though I love my finds, a garage sale is not the funnest thing for little ones and so it was their turn to have some summer time fun.

 But here's a little secret....

 ...this Mama loves the beach too.

Probably more than they do...
(3 of the many sand sculptures
we have done over the years)

A new week is upon us and I have some exciting news to share with you in the next couple of days, so please make sure you come back to visit so we can celebrate together!

I look forward to seeing you....:)

Have a great day!

much love,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

DIY mason jar vase or sconce, the choice is yours...

Today I had exactly one hour to make this project, take photos and post.  I mentioned I had the materials ready and it was just a matter of finding time....

So, here they are.  Such an easy way to add a
little whimsy to an empty wall or garden gate.

I had bought these plaques at the 'Dollar Store'
(which cost $2.00 each)

I removed the chain and the eye hooks...

...painted it and then added a pipe clamp.

I also added a hanging hook to the back

Placed two of my many,
many jars; added a little light...

The hardest part of the project was trying to place the tea light inside the jar, as my BBQ lighter ran out of fluid and I couldn't get the tea light to sit straight....but you get the idea.

So here is the run down...

plaque = $2.00 each
pipe clamps = $0.98 each
jars = free
total cost of project = under $6.00 for both
total time for project = 30 minutes (incl. drying time)

Yay for cheap and easy!

I will be going away to our family cottage this weekend, hoping to spend some technology free time  hardly gonna happen   and while I'm gone, I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Can't wait to come back and see what you've been up to.

much love,

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From the draft vault....

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once. ~ John Archibald Wheeler

With summer being in full bloom and me being busy with this and that, I have not had a chance to make anything new.  Yes, I have ideas floating in my head and supplies waiting to be used, but I also have three little ones whose summer fun depends on me.

So, from my 'not worthy to post, but been sitting in my draft folder' vault, comes this super easy art display board.

I don't know about you, but my kiddies are forever drawing and giving me pictures to put up on the fridge.  What once was a beautiful stainless steel fridge is now a fridge made out of paper (we should have saved the money).

I have several old cabinet doors  hoarding laying around in our garage and decided to turn one of them into a display board.  I thought it would be cute to make it look like a notebook page...

allow to dry

I had Bella write the words in her own hand writing with a sharpie pen and I hot glued gun some pegs, which I meant to paint white but didn't get around to it....

As I said before, this has been in my draft folder for some time, but I think this is one of those projects that has a lot of potential to make bigger and better and hopefully you will be inspired to do so.  

I am looking forward to having some me craft time, but until then.....

...this is where I'll be.

I hope you guys find the time to do everything you want to do today...see you soon!

much love,

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