Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soft and Romantic

As I was trying to think of a blog title, the two words that kept creeping into my head to describe my little tree were 'soft' and 'romantic'.  And so here it soft romantic feathered tree. But this tree is not only soft and romantic, it hides a little on to find out !

Using what I already own, I have pictured it in various colour themes to give you some options and will let you decide which would look better in your home.

If you're the kinda gal that always sees the silver the tree sits placed upon a silver tray with some faux snow on a mercury glass candle holder.  Silver also works well with blues and reds. 

A traditional look - the tree sits in a crystal glass filled with faux snow and is accessorized with red bulbs.

I used white yarn to string the bulbs as I like the additional texture it gives the tree.  If you would like to be more discreet, you can thread them with invisible or fishing thread.

I love the softness and femininity of the pinks. I think this would look so lovely in a little girl's room.  Because I didn't want to spend money, I used the few things I had at home, but imagine how gorgeous this would be if you have old vintage pink ornaments? loves!

Here is a close up of my 'cupfakes'.  After a visit to Walmart's Christmas decoration isle, I saw the cutest cupcake ornaments and thought I could replicate them.  I wanted them to look as real as possible and so I played and played with different materials.  I think they look pretty good but I have come up with a different method I think will work better.  I can't wait to try it!  If (when) it works, you know I will be sharing it with you guys.

Notice how I removed the 'cherry' from one of them?  Well, a funny story...when both cupcakes had cherries and they sat side-by-side, every picture I took came out looking like a pair of breasts, so I had to make a slight modification...true story!!!

And of course a craftberry wouldn't taste as sweet if I didn't give you a little behind the scenes....

Here is my inspiration for the tree.  I had plans of getting rid of this not so alive plant, bringing the triangle shape climbing planter inside, wrapping white lights around it and covering it with white feathered boas.

But instead........  

There are many feathered trees out there - and they are all beautiful - but this one has a little surprise hidden inside. A battery operated tea light.  For this to work, I had to make the shape of the tree in a manner that would allow the light to shine through.

1. I cut out a circle of thick cardboard
2. I measured and marked where the dowels would sit and pierced little holes for the dowels to sit in (this helps with stability)
3. For added support, I applied some hot glue around them

4. I measured and cut a hole where the tea light would be inserted (note to self: do not use red cardboard or any other bright colour as it reflects on shiny objects ie. silver ornaments)

5. I then tied the dowels together with white cotton

6. Wrapped a white boa around the skeleton, and...


Another Craftberry picked and shared.  Hope it was to your liking!

much love,

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  1. That is adorable and VERY creative! And it just is soft and romantic!

  2. Great job, I really like this! The light is a great added effect!

  3. Lucy this is GORGEOUS! I love that it is so simple yet so elegant. I think that I now have a new project. Hmmmm.......

  4. I love them all, what a neat idea to use the boa!

  5. Lucy,
    This is so adorable. Despite the "boobies" look, you did a marvelous job, so I can't imagine how you can make them better. Still, I await the cupcake upgrade method.
    I think I like the tree sitting in the cut glass goblet best.

  6. Lucy-That is just the MOST adorable little tree ever-You are such a clever girl! Hugs-Diana

  7. What beautiful decorations! I love all softness and romance that you have created! Merry Christmas!

  8. "Simple and elegant" would be a great title for this post, too. Love that white tree! That first vignette looks so effortless. Gorgeous.

  9. I love the idea of using a boa to create a wreath or tree.. I think I'll use a cone shaped syrofoam piece and use a candle to hold into a candlestick...Thanks for sharing. This would also work to go for valentine's day decoration.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I've never seen a tree made like that and I'm smitten! :>

  11. Oh My GOODNESS! I am SO making this!! Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial! Genius... :)

  12. Beautiful! I love that you made the little tree yourself :)

  13. Love the feather tree! :) i esp. love the you made the tree form yourself, so clever.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! you've got such great projects here, i've been parked here awhile checking them all out.

  14. So fancy! The feathers are beyond fun! Would love for you to visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made with Love Monday! The party will be open until Friday if you want to link up multiple projects. Hope you have a great day!

  15. I love this feather tree!!! Definitely saving your tutorial to do some time in 2011.

    Just bought a small pink Christmas tree for my granddaughter, and then found an adorable cupcake ornie at Sur La a theme tree was born! Can't wait to see your tutorial for your cupcake ornies!

  16. It's still inspiring and beautiful. You should try a rainbow one for spring or summer time.

    Debbie Jones

  17. This is my first time visiting your blog & I'm so inspired by your great ideas & amazing photos. I am excited to be your newest follower!

    Warmly, Michelle

  18. I want to make one in black for Halloween, thanks for the great idea.


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