Thursday, October 2, 2014

Creepy Crawly resin tray

Halloween is one of those 'holidays' that I haven't really embraced. 
I have however, come to enjoy the many crafts and creative costumes people
come up with. (As longs as they are not too creepy or bloody)
This particular project, I had a lot of fun creating and it's so very simple to make.
I am actually looking for excuses to make more of these trays.  
All you need is an inexpensive tray. This one is from Dollarama (the canadian dollar store)
Some Epoxy resin, which is available at any craft or art store. 
Some ants or spiders and some hot glue. 
I simply glued the ants in place with hot glue at the bottom of the tray.
I then followed the package instructions for the epoxy resin and 
carefully poured it over the ants. Allow to dry for 48-72 hrs and you're done. 
I love how the ants look like they're about to carry away the cookies.
The best part is, that epoxy is food safe once it's dry. 
Wash by hand with soap and warm water prior to contact with food. 

And here's another fun little idea....

How about gluing some crawly ants up the straws? 
Fun right? Just make sure that the ants are low enough down the straw.
I do not recommend giving these straws to children under 3, unless you are closely monitoring them and you know they won't be eating the plastic ants ;).  I know this is obvious stuff, but you know...

So there you go, super easy and in my opinion, super adorable !
That's my kinda a Halloween! :) 

And what about these amazing Halloween ideas from a few of my pals?

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October free desktop watercolor calendar

Go HERE to download calendar 

Hello friends! Can you believe that it's October already?
October is my favourite month, not only because it's my birthday month, 
but because of the beautiful fall colors and the new coziness of home. 
I decided to keep this month's calendar very simple, 
with just a few branches and some falling leaves. I hope you like it...:) 

Here's to a great October!  

Thank you for your visits, they mean so much.
Have a beautiful day !
much love,

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to make a paper sunflower

 Fall is truly one of the most majestic seasons. 
With its ever changing fiery landscapes and plentiful harvest. 
It is during this season that I feel most creative. 
Not sure what it is about the cooler days 
that makes me want to create even more than usual. 
This week I challenged myself to make something new to me. 
And though I was nervous because I wasn't sure
 how I was going to do it, I think it turned out ok.
I've mixed the paper sunflower amongts real ones, some wild foliage and a couple of crab apple branches. What a sweet representation of fall, don't you think?

I'm sharing how to make a crepe paper sunflower over at eHow today. 
I hope you can join me there.

Thank you so much xo 

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Inspiration Gallery Features

Autumn Inspiration
Simple fall decor
Simple Fall Decor from My Fabuless Life
DIY autumn sign
DIY Autumn Sign from Curly Crafty Mom
Autumn mantel decor
Fall Mantel Decor from I Don't Know How She Does It
Cork & Feather Place Cards
DIY fabric tape pumpkin
DIY Fabric Tape Pumpkin from Upcycled Treasures
Fall mantel
Vintage Fall Mantel from Sondra Lyn at Home
Fall mantel with chalkboard pumpkin
Fall Mantel & Pumpkin Chalkboard from Meadow Lake Road
Feather wreath
Autumn Feather Wreath from It's Always Ruetten
Give Thanks banner
Give Thanks Cork Banner from Houseologie
DIY shabby pumpkin
DIY Shabby Pumpkin from DIY Beautify
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Friday, September 26, 2014

A Festival of Fall

Hello again! I hope you've had a great week! 
We are just one day away from the weekend...hooray for Fridays :) 

Today is a good day, not only because it's Friday, but
because I'm joining yet another set of friends in the Festival of Fall.

Hosted by my good friend Barb from The Everyday Home,
we have been celebrating fall this entire week by
sharing craft, recipes, decor, Diy and today is home tours.

I had previously shared our living room HERE...

...our dining room HERE...

...and our family room HERE.

Details on the hutch can be found HERE

Our daughter's room... 

...and our master bedroom HERE.

So today, I'm taking you through some of the
other parts of our home I have to share.
Like the wooden sideboard hubby built this summer.

I've mentioned before that this particular wall
is extremely long and difficult to decorate, so we decided
to build a large sideboard which is about 8' long.

Even with such large piece of furniture, the wall still looks bare at either
side.  I think once we built some board and batten it will look better...:) 

In the mean time, I  have fun changing it up from time to time. 
Some books, some blankets and a few pumpkins. Easy peasy. 

You also didn't get to see the front entrance .
This is usually where we drop our keys, bags, jackets etc. 

This particular day we had visited the farmer's market, where we
purchased some fresh veggies including this gorgeous purple cauliflower.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognize this particular photo. 
I love sharing tidbits of what's in store for the blog on Instagram.

I like this little corner of our home because it feels welcoming, and
shouldn't that be the first thing you feel when you walk into someone's home? 

Hubby built this bench last year and I'm still in love with it. 

The good old Canadian maple leaf. I love this time of year!

And of course, I leave you with some pretty sunflowers.

I hope you found a little bit of inspiration today. 

Thank you so much for visiting and Happy Fall!

Monday- Fall Crafts

Tuesday- Fall Recipes

Wednesday- Fall DIY

Thursday- Fall Decor

Friday- Fall Home Tour

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