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Easy Valentine’s Floral Wrap

Hello sweet friends. I wanted to let you know how refreshing it was to hear your thoughts on THIS post. I have been feeling a little disconnected from the blogging world lately. Not in the way where I don't have blogger friends who I love and love me back. But recently, I have been overwhelmed with ...

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Simple Valentine Decor Ideas

Most days the silence of our home is soothing but today I'm feeling a little melancholic and miss the sound of my children's voices. I sit here on this cold February day and reminisce of days when my ...

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DIY Footed Wood Slice Tray

Hello Craftberry Bush friends! I am so happy to be back joining you this week with a new tutorial. Winter is in full swing and it has left me wanting to simplify our home. I have taken down all of the ...

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Pretty Pink Tulips

It's Sunday evening and while some households have the comforting smell of roast filling the air, I'm thinking of what I can order in. After all, it's not just any's Superbowl Sunday and ...

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Customized Canvas Letter

The weekend has once again come to an end; like sand between my fingers, I try to hold on to every moment but alas, it slips through. As I look into our backyard, I see the ice is thawing while the ...

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