Monday, October 20, 2014

A simple fall centrepiece and daydreaming

The cold autumn rain falls outside our window. 
Its soothing  sound telling me to stop 
doing everything and head back to bed. 
I stop and stare at the wet rooftops and the little pond that has formed
inside a hole our puppy dug in the summer. 
 I can see how the raindrops form little glass like crowns as they hit
 the ground and think to myself, how magical rainfall truly can be. 
In the distance, I hear the cry of a crow being interrupted by the 
distinct sound of geese flying by. 
I wonder  if they are greeting each other, or if like humans, 
birds speak different languages. 
I start to daydream about their destination and picture
 them gathering and loudly discussing their journey. 
I suddenly realize that I have been daydreaming and must refocus. 
Time to talk about this easy centrepiece I put together
 with red pears and hydrangeas in 
a silver bowl.  
But I'm quickly hypnotized again 
by the sound of the rain and its
lulling song.  

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Inspiration Gallery Features

Get Your Craft On!  - Inspiring Crafts to Try DIY antler pillow
DIY Antler Pillow from Maison de Pax
Pumpkin welcome sign
Welcome Pumpkin Wood Slice Sign from View from the Fridge
Cardboard glitter pumpkin
Glitter Cardboard Pumpkin from Purple Hues and Me
Geometric Antler Art
Geometric Deer Antler Printable from Delineate your Dwelling
Fall wood banner
Fall Wood Banner from The Crafted Sparrow
Spray painted gold leaves
Gold Spray Painted Leaves from Restoration Beauty
DIY thumbtack wall art ampersand
Teal Thumbtack Ampersand Art from Upcycled Treasures
Copper leaf specimen art
Copper Fall Leaf Specimen Art from The Crafted Sparrow
Boo pumpkin
Black and White Boo Pumpkin from The Unique Nest
Ombre arrow string art
Ombre Arrow String Art from Dwelling in Happiness

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 I am often inspired to create and share in hopes of inspiring others.
 But there are also times when I just want to share a little bit of me.  Not a painting,
not a staged photo or a clever craft. Just share heart.

The funny thing about blogging is that if you allow it, it will take away
your voice. What I mean by that, is slowly but surely, blogging starts to
become a little more about what your audience wants to see, commitments
to certain groups of friends or companies, or numbers and hits.
Suddenly, it could become less  about why you started to blog in the first place.

So today, I'm going back to origins of this blog...

It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and we had a chance to go
out and take a couple of family photos.  Every time I look at these photos,
a new memory of these little guys fills my head and with each passing year
as our children get older (and I find myself getting shorter), I realize that
life is on fast forward.  These photos are confirmation of that.

We walk through this journey called life, often just walking and
looking ahead and suddenly there's a mirror in front us and the reflection
of the mirror shows a different picture than the one you recall. 

Suddenly, you're turning 41 and driving your oldest son to high school.
Yep, I turned 41 yesterday, and though I have been very accepting of the
aging process up to now, this year was a little harder to accept. 

But I had to quickly tell myself that life starts over every morning as soon
as your feet touch the ground. That you will never be as young as you are
today. You can choose to worry about how you look, will look, don't look,
want to look, should look...or just enjoy your youth now, as it is. 

I don't always listen to my own advice and will fret about my not so toned
body or sudden laugh lines that want to stick around even when I'm not laughing.
But then I think of what those laugh lines represent and if I look inside into this
young heart of mine; the one that wants nothing but to be a light in this world, the
one that wants to show love, patience and kindness, then my outer shell becomes
just that - a shell. A shell that protects what is most important and beautiful about
us: our hearts and souls. And those two things never age.

To this handsome guy, I am the most beautiful woman
in the world and that makes my heart skip a beat.

To these three, I am the centre of their universe (though it's
not always cool to show it) and their love is innocent and pure.

But most importantly to my Lord, I am perfection. 
To Him, we are worth more than diamonds and pearls (Proverbs 31:10)  
and because of His Grace, we have been redeemed and there is no fault in us. 
For that and all I have been given, I am forever grateful.

Just wanted to end by letting you know how much
I appreciate your visits as they mean so much to me. 

Hope you have a beautiful day.

much love,

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween 'snow' globe from mason jars DIY

Even though Halloween is not my favorite time of year, 
I do appreciate the creative process of those who love and embrace it.  I can see how fun it would
 be to create a haunted house or zombie apocalypze 

Well, today I'm sharing a little bit of Halloween over at ehow  ..eek. 

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