Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspiration - a little watercolor...

Today as the sun peeked for a couple
of hours, I decided to take some photos.

It wasn't long before I put my
camera down and picked up a brush. 
Sometimes inspiration lands upon your
shoulder, like the quiet whisper of the willow. 
It's subtle, yet present.
And to me, it brings joy.

Perhaps this year, the hand painted cards might make a come back to our family.

I look forward to seeing what you've been up to later this evening when you join us once again for Happy Hour Friday.  See you soon! 

much love,


  1. Your watercolor is brings me joy too! Heather

  2. "Sometimes inspiration lands upon your shoulder," Awesome, and thanks for sharing such a beautiful watercolor. I admire your artistic ability and hope that inspiration lands on your shoulder frequently. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  3. If I received this hand painted card it would go up as artwork! LOVE it.

  4. How sweet is that, they are just lovely and make me smile.

  5. How sweet, simple and beautiful. What a treasure to send to family and friends- xo Diana

  6. Beautiful! I wish I had that talent! You are gifted!

  7. How lovely! I may have to get some watercolors. I've never used them - time to change that perhaps!?!

  8. Seriously SO beautiful Lucy. Ohhh I SO hope that you are doing handmade Christmas cards this year, that is SUCH an AMAZING idea. I think I would just die of happiness if I got a hand painted card from you! :) Hugs.

  9. I just love it when you include one of your water colors beautiful.

  10. Simply beautiful! If I send you my address will you send me one! ;)

  11. I love how light and bright ALL of your photos are...

    I think it would be wonderful to recieve a hand painted water color Christmas card. These are beautiful.....


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