Monday, November 12, 2012

L'etoile de noel....canvas Christmas star ornament...

I hope you had a great weekend!  We enjoyed unusually warm weather here in Toronto, breaking a 74-year old record on Sunday when temperatures reached 18 C (64 F).  I could easily get used to an entire winter with those temperatures, yet I think I would miss our white Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas...

 Here is my first Christmas craft of 2012. 
A super simple faux French linen star ornament.
Last week I mentioned my mom had lent me her sewing machine indefinitely.  I figured it was time I learned how to use it and get over my fear of sewing so after about 40 minutes of trying to figure out how to thread my bobbin and a couple of really bad YouTube videos, I finally figured it out. 

Now I'm a sewing BEAST!...ha.  Well, not quite, but I did make these sweet little stars out of canvas. 

I used a star cookie cutter for the outline and while I didn't prepare a tutorial, I could.  But let me warn you - if sewing is not your thing and I'm playing the part of the 'expert', it could very well be a case of the blind leading the blind....

Overall, I think they turned out so sweet. 

I'm still debating what kind of Christmas decor we'll go with this year.  I keep looking at my Christmas Pinterest board to try to narrow it down, but there are so many beautiful options out there, making it very difficult. 

I love the simplicity of the Scandinavian Christmas with the simple pops of red, but I also love the elegance of the silvers and golds.  And I of course love the romance of the various shades of greens, with boxwood, green apples and evergreens mixed with book pages!  Arg..I just can't decide.

How about you?  Do you change your decor from year to year, or do you keep it similar every year? 

As the holiday season approaches, I suspect we are all going to get very busy, very soon so I just want to remind you to enjoy your TODAY and make it a good one! 

Talk to you very soon.

much love,


  1. hello.
    I'm following your blog. I like what you do. This' star was quite nice. hands health. Valentine's

  2. tutorial please!! Love, Love, Love these ornaments :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh, so cute! Love that sweet simple little ornament! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love these, they are just adorable:)

  5. They look so pretty! You did a great job sewing.


  6. I am like you, I like the simple colors and natural elements then I see some frilly, gilded ornaments and I love them too! I guess that is why I have 4 Christmas trees!! I do have the same mantel decorations each year, they are from my husband's family so at least I don't have to stress over that! I just make a few of all the ones I like and add to my collection. Good luck.

  7. These are so sweet. So smart to use a cookie cutter as a pattern. I also have a small fear of sewing...need to drag out my sewing machine and finish a few projects I have brewing.

  8. Such little cuties! I love it. I would love to change my Christmas decor yearly but I don't think my husband would like that too much, ha!

  9. Ohhhh I just love this. I myself have been lusting over the scandanavian Christmas

  10. Darling! I can't wait to start my Christmas projects!

  11. They are adorable,Lucy! Did you use a red permanent marker? I might try this technique on other things. So glad you're sewing! I like it, and have been doing some lately for my shop, but don't get to do as much as I would like to.

    Have a lovely week!

  12. just FREAKIN' LOVE THESE........simply ELEGANT!!1

  13. Those stars are darling! I've been thinking of making some similar stuff to take to the craft market I'm setting up at next week!

  14. love them! for not having sewn for a while I am super impressed! and every time i go back to my machine after a long absence I seem to have issues that take FOREVER to resolve and it's always something so simple like I forgot to thread through the last little metal loop before the needle which somehow completely incapacitates my machine!! sewing machines...gotta love em...gotta hate em. but i'm definitely pinning this! cute cute!

  15. I love these. Very cute! I have had a sewing machine for 13 years now and never used it. I took a sewing class a long time ago and failed. Seriously...maybe it's time to give it a try again and just play. You did a great job!

  16. So cute!! these stars are adorable and so vintage looking!

  17. Do you know ,I've learned over the years one can take any pattern and taylor it to fabricl, wood,tin ,or cardboard . I took a wood block pattern bought those little tiny gift boxes that come with several in a package at dollar tree. I painted letters on them using red paint ,and wrote the words "BELIEVE " HOPE " I then punched a hole thru each side and strung them with twine about 3 inches apart and hung them in my wall at Christmas ..Your pattern is awesome ,I plan on using it ,its just what I been looking for ! I will embroider words on them ,like LIVE ,NOEL ,JOY ,PEACE .. I'm excited about this ! ..thank you so much !!


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