Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My thoughts on a Wednesday night....

Blogging is a funny thing.

There are days when I don't really feel like talking much, but simply share some photos with you and call it a day.  And yet there are days when my fingertips move around the keyboard like ballerinas dancing to the Nutcracker. 

Similarly, there are days when I know that just being myself is good enough.  There is no pressure to produce, no pressure to keep up with the next big blog. 

And then there are days when I feel like I 'need' to post this and that, for fear that I wont be current enough. Do you ever get that feeling?  When you feel like you have to 'beat' everyone else to the punch because if you wait one more day, someone else will post 'your' idea? 

That feeling sucks away the joy of blogging for me.  The thing is, one can't always be the innovator, the maker of the next big thing.  It really is too much pressure to put on oneself and yet, I do it to myself constantly. 

As I walked down the aisles of a home decor store today, I found myself becoming increasingly filled with 'want' and 'need' to have.  I started to feel agitated and almost overstimulated by the plethora of things that I 'needed' for our home.  How easy could it have been to fill a cart with my 'necessities' (most of them for the sake of blogging).

I have been so 'inspired' of late to decorate the house for Christmas, yet it's not even November.  Which makes me question if my 'inspiration' arises from that 'need' to be first, 
or the true desire to welcome the season.

Perhaps it's a combination of both, but for now, I will take a minute or two to breathe the cool October air, hand out some Halloween candy, make some hot cocoa for the kiddies as they sort their candy treasures, all the while filling myself with what I really NEED - to see our children smile. 

Have a beautiful day! 

much love,

p.s. Enjoy your Halloween and please keep your kiddies close and stay safe.


  1. I can totally related to your post! LAtely I find myself taking a step away from everything and just enjoying my family. I am much better about not posting everyday like I used to......
    Have a wonderful Halloween with your beautiful family!

  2. Yes, YES!! Well said. I agree completely. Thanks for your insight. I was feeling a sense of urgency the other day to get ready for the next thing too. I don't want to miss the "now" though either. In some of my 31 day posts, I touched on this same general idea a bit, but in life in general. Have a wonderful Halloween embracing the moment you are in right now. Love your thoughtfulness!

  3. Love it! Your beauty comes out in your writing! You appear to be as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside & I enjoy reading and following along on your journey! No pressure though...

  4. I went in to Michael's the other day and they had all the Christmas stuff out. I wasn't even going in for that, but as soon as I saw it all, I felt like I needed to know exactly what my plan was for every little square inch of Christmas decorating around the house. While I was there I thought I might as well start picking up a few things. Of course, it's all so cute that I couldn't decide on a direction and felt like a failure. So glad I didn't pick anything up though, because once I got home, I knew exactly what to do and that was wait a little bit longer. :)

  5. I couldn't agree with you more Lucy. I've wanted things and was not really sure why... I've seen things out in the blog world that I didn't even like and after seeing them posted in a million places I've found myself wanting it....
    I've taken a giant step away from my blog, my projects, and my wants lately.
    Thanks for posting.

  6. I love your quote and it really speaks to me. There so much in my life that I ask myself if it is helpful? Or harmful? We all know that not all pleasures come from God? They say it was actually the pomegranate that was the forbidden fruits that was not to be eaten by Adam and Eve. In my blog post yesterday I mentioned that I was not going to start celebrating Christmas until advent starts. This will be a challenge.

  7. Yep- Seeing your children smile at the end of the day is really what it is all about. I hear you-there are days when I could ramble on and on and on (NO? REALLY?;>) and days when I want to quietly share a prayer request...and the thing is that the blogging world accepts whatever we want to give and loves us for it. Blessings and Happy Halloween to you- xo Diana

  8. Ugh, Lucy I love it! I can totally relate with what you're saying!! I hope you have a fantastic trick-or-treat night ;)


  9. Beautifully said...and so true. At least for me, too. Have a wonderful Halloween with your children.

  10. Thank you for sharing.....l appreciate your thoughts today.

  11. I so understand what you are saying. I have found myself thinking the same things...putting pressure on myself to get those posts up...hurry hurry before someone else does...and that's just not me. I've decided too, I'm going to slow down. Post what I have in my heart, when I am ready. And enjoy life.
    Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  12. Oh yes, I understand! It's hard to "keep up" but, I think that's not what bloggers are really supposed to do. We are supposed to be unique...write from our hearts and from where we're at. No pressure to create the next best thing or decorate first. We love you when you are YOU....not the next boring not-so-real blogger.

  13. You've said it so well. Thank you.

  14. This is my first year of blogging but I knew from the beginning I wouldn't be changing any traditions to fit in to blogging. For me it is the other way around, blogging has to fit into my traditions. So no one will be seeing any Christmas decorating at Bliss Ranch till December, to do just like you said, welcome in the season, not for filling up my blog.


  15. Well, Halloween is postponed a week because of, I am forced to slow down lol!

  16. It's like an addiction. You make a project and it goes viral and your are hooked. I think about it all the time. Instead of doing projects because I love it I think about whether it would make a good blog post. I've started to just make things because I want to and not be concerned if I post about it or not.

    Thanks for speaking up. It's a pressure I feel all the time and have written about but it keeps sucking me back in. It's a constant struggle. I want to blog because I love to do it, not because I feel like I have to.

    Thanks for the inspiration to get back to what's most important!

  17. well said, Lucy! I've still been blogging for less than a year so sometimes I feel like the pressure is even higher (for new bloggers) because we are trying to make a name for ourselves in a world that already seems crowded with talent and blogging friendships. From the beginning I have evene been envious over something so rediculously designs. I simply can't afford to pay for one and haven't figured out how to piece together what I want. It's so silly but part of me wants a beautiful/professional blog for people to come visit just like most of us want that for our homes too! Sigh. Especially as we head into Thanksgiving I hope I can recapture some perspective and thannkfulness for what I have instead of stressing and coveting over what I want!

  18. Great post! I was just in hobby lobby today and had a cart full of Christmas stuff with blog ideas whirling thru my head. I ended up putting it all back and realizing I don't need to have it all figured out yet and I just need to breath and enjoy the fall! I so relate to what you are saying especially having only been blogging a few months, this weird pressure is new to me!

  19. Thanks for sharing what's on your heart.

    I love your quote: "I have been so 'inspired' of late to decorate the house for Christmas, yet it's not even November. Which makes me question if my 'inspiration' arises from that 'need' to be first, or the true desire to welcome the season". I will be keeping this in mind this coming Christmas season.

  20. Awesome post. Blogging is an interesting experience, and i totally know what you mean. Sometimes i can't think of a single thing i want to talk about, and i think i'm so boring, and i wonder how everyone is always doing such amazing stuff. And, then sometimes, i tell you guys stuff, and afterwards i'm embarrassed... but what's funny is that the stupid embarrassing stuff is what people seem to relate to the most. And then other times, i can't wait to share stuff with my blogger friends... who feel like real friends to me...
    anyway, i love the photos of the pomegranates, and i liked hearing your feelings about it all...


  21. Lucy, I love your blog. I'm not a blogger; I'm a reader, so that's my perspective. When I first discovered blogs I subscribed to many. I've become more selective as time's gone by, and I've focused toward art and decorating and have unsubscribed to many blogs that I began with. I'm not particularly interested in the latest seasonal decor or craft, and I'm absolutely not interested in link parties. Your own story and your art is what draws me. This is just to say that your blog is a joy to read from this reader's perspective.


  22. I completely get it. My partner and I have our own business and have just bought a commercial building to sell our treasures. It is so hard not to focus on everyone else and let your mind wander on different things. We all need to do what is in our hearts and still our minds. Good luck!!!

  23. Lovely and very timely post, Lu.Enjoy your time with the kids tonight.

  24. I hear you! I get so worried that my bloggy friends I've made this year won't come back if I don't keep finding stuff to wow everyone with! Take a deep breath and know that true friends remain no matter what!!

  25. I completely agree with you Lucy! I am new to the blogging world and it can be so lovely at times, but cometitive too. I look forward to your blog posts so much, they are always authentic and honest and true to you.
    Christmas is lovely and my favourite time of year but there is lots of time. I like your "unplanned posts" a lot. The look into your scetch book and updates on your families lives. ;) Be good to yourself. You deserve it!


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