Thursday, September 27, 2012

A couple of photos and a winner announcement...

Hi my sweet friends. 
Just a quick little post to share some photos I
snapped earlier this week, along with announcing the
winner of the Cutting Edge stencil giveaway...yay!

Ever since falling in love with photography, I have been looking
at things in a slightly different perspective.  It's like living
through the eye of a camera and allowing the images to speak...
Looking for the minute details on things and thinking of ways to tell a story trough a photo.  Today, as I browsed through the produce department at the grocery store, I found myself looking at the various crates of fruit and vegetables, not to prepare a meal but to photograph. 

Daydreaming of staging a hot mug of cider in the woods or a beautiful simple centerpiece of apples gathered in a cloche.  It sure makes my time at the grocery store a lot more enjoyable.  You should try it :) 

And now, the winner of the $50.00 Cutting Edge Stencil is... 
Congratulations Susan B (entry #50)
I will be contacting you soon with further details :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to all of you who entered.
 I have other great giveaways coming soon.

Please don't forget to come back later tonight as we host our third HAPPY HOUR linky party.  Every week, I get to know you a little more and I look forward to visiting your homes as you share with me and others a little bit of you.  So thank you and I hope to see you again in a few hours! 

much love,


  1. LOVE that! I do not like the grocery store at all...I am going to try your perspective from now on. Maybe I will actually go, haha. Love the pictures, they are beautiful. Photography is a skill I am needing to work on for my blog. :)

    Blessings - Sara

  2. Beautiful photos! Hope you have a good weekend :)

  3. Oh my word I LOVE your photos! Absolutely lovely! Looks like I should be able to reach out and pick that apple up in the first one! Love the metal cloche too!

  4. I love and admire the way people who take photos daily see life in a different perspective. And, Lu, your perspective is always beautifully inspiring!!!

  5. Beautiful photos, Lucy! I love to photograph food... I think it is my favorite. Hope you have a great weekend!


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