Monday, July 30, 2012

(Vintage) Keys to the Past...

 Hello friends. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

We had a great weekend along side our visiting relatives.  We ate and talked...and ate and talked...and ate and talked some more.  But the best part is that I understood their English accent....:) I look forward to spending more time with them. 

Today, I wanted to show you a couple of photos of one particular place I love visiting...

While it's a bit chaotic (okay, overwhelming) when you first walk in and it may look like piles of mess, the nice lady who owns this little shop has a method to her madness.  She knows every nook and cranny of the store, can find anything/everything within seconds and if you're so inclined, will tell you a little story about each item.  

She has been doing this for the past 50+ years and admitted things can get a 'little' cluttered at home.  We came to appreciate why after a couple of our attempts to purchase items were met with 'I'm not in a rush to sell this' or 'I don't think I want to sell that today'.  Perhaps they held a story so dear to her that she could not let go or perhaps they were given to her by a beloved relative...I'll never know.

She confessed that she had brought some of her husbands old cameras to sell but soon took them back home because she could not part with them.  I wondered how many times she had tried. 
I can somewhat relate to 'collecting' as I have always had a tendency to do so in the hopes of making something else out of it at a later date or 'just in case one day I need 100 bottle caps...(?).  So I can understand how continually bringing 'finds' home or failing to get rid of jars, tp rolls, bottles, old frames (insert your own here) can begin to take over your space.  But as hubby can attest, there are times when the cleaning bug hits me and I purge all those items without thinking twice about it. 

Amongst all the treasures we saw that day, I spotted these keys.  Reluctantly and prepared to once again hear 'I'm not selling those today', I asked her about them.  She quickly picked them up and as her fingers inspected every groove on the keys, she admired them.  Was she replaying their story in her mind?  Was she suddenly taken back to the moment those keys had become hers?

She told me that the large key was her favourite and the smaller one was made of brass so it would probably cost more.  She fiddled with them for a moment and told stories of well made things of the past, 'unlike things of today' she smiled.

'I used to have more of these', she continued 'but people seem to like them'.  I was preparing myself to hear her say 'not today', but as if she was giving me a part of her she extended her hand and handed me the keys.  "Thank you" I said. "I love them, and will take good care of them..."

I meant it.  I love these beautiful keys and will probably hold on to them for years until it's time to hand them over to our grandchildren, who will hopefully give them to their grandchildren and perhaps one day, these keys will have a story to tell.  Suddenly, I understood her reluctance.

So friends, here's a quick question for you.  Are there things you can't seem to part ways with?  Do you think it's unhealthy to be so attached to certain material things? 

I look forward to reading your responses.

Have a great day!

much love,

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  1. I love old keys. I have a few. SOme that I know are from my family, others are ones that I just found.
    I was at my friend's the other day. She said she askked her husband to be on the look out for old keys. He handed her a box of keys like those you are showing. A box, oh my gosh. She said I could take as many as I wanted. I took one. They are tresures.
    I don't think hanging on to things is a bad thing if you are doing it for memories.

  2. There are things that I am very reluctant to part with- something that belonged to family members who are no longer of this Earth. It is a bit of a reminder of who I am and where I came from...a bit of memory that plays out in my mind when I look at or use the item.

    Most things I can let go of..especially as I get older and realize how temporal life/things really are. I treasure more the special people in my life and count those relationships as my most prized possession.

    xo Diana ps....I LOVE your old keys!

  3. Love the story behind the store. And those keys...

    I have a hard time parting with books. The dog-eared pages. The secret notes pressed in pages. Digital readers will never have the same romance.

    But, a cleaning bug has hit. I told myself that if I decrease my book collection by half, the proceeds will go to the new camera fund. I will likely not go back to teaching once my kids are in school. My 1000s of picture books will make some newbie teacher delighted.

    And frankly, the iPhone photos are getting old.

    Thanks for the uplifting post. Your blog has a way of making me forget my troubles...

  4. What I want to know..where is this shop? Probably not close to me, but i love taking a wander through shops like this...Sue

  5. Yes I too would like the name and location. Did you see all those lights?

  6. What a wonderful shop! I can totally understand her reluctance-altho, my stuff would still be at home! If something has a story...especially a family story, I simply can't get rid of it. I want to pass it to the next generation, hopefully, they will become interested in it!

  7. Oi...para tu!!!!
    Vim aqui, só pra te dizer que estou te deixando um beijo neste último dia de julho!!!!
    Não é emocionante saber que nunca mais teremos o dia 31 de julho de 2012????????
    Até me dá uma coisa em meu coração...
    Mas o importante é que vivi momentos lindos contigo,teu blog e tuas postagens!
    Já imaginou que porcaria seria minha vidinha sem tu????
    Amanhã será um novo dia...
    Eu sei que todo dia é um novo dia...só que não seria, se tu não tivesses eu...ksksksksksks...
    Ai,como eu te gosto!!!!! \o/

  8. Defintely! There are some things that hold some sort of piece of me and I just can't explain it - why they mean so much to me, why I would bring them around the world with me. Then there are some things I do part with and I'm so sorry I did. I hope that they are out there somewhere making someone happy :)


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