Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My thoughts on a Wednesday night....

It's Wednesday night and there is still a lot of activity going on around our home.  The TV is working hard playing that familiar tune to 'Good Luck Charlie'.  Isabella is reading a story to her daddy, pausing as she tries to read an unfamiliar word 'fascinating'.  Outside, the sprinkler hits the window from time to time reminding me of the soothing sound of rain.  Sounds so familiar and comforting. 

Today Isabella discovered an old video recorder and together with her brothers we watched videos of years past.  Images of stumbling little babies, uttering words only a mom can understand.

Big brown eyes looking into the lens of a machine that without their knowledge would capture their tiny images, clumsy baby movements and babbling words turning them into treasures for the future. 

It made me once again realize how much I enjoy this job of motherhood.  How blessed I have been through this journey and how priviledged my husband and I are, to be allowed to raised these little ones. 

As I watched, I noticed my husband and my features still young and child like.  Our voices  naive and patient.  Young parents outnumbered by three little ones, not knowing what to do, yet instinctively doing it as well as we could. 

One comforting while the other disciplines, one disciplining while the other comforts.  One playing while the other works, one working while the other plays.  But both loving all the time.  We unlocked some beautiful memories today and hope to continue this journey making more.

Have a beautiful day.

much love,

As you may have noticed, I've been enamoured with Queen Anne's lace for a while now and seeing them along the roads waving to the rhythm of the wind makes me smile.  

How can such a beautiful plant with such a beautiful name be called a 'weed'?  I'm preparing a neat photography tutorial for you that I hope you will love, the clue is within the picture above ;) 


  1. Oh- You have to dry some Queen Anne's Lace for the Christmas Holiday. It dries beautifully and is just gorgeous as part of a natural looking Christmas decoration.

    I love the thoughts you set down here tonight, Lucy. I have memories of those times, too. Somewhere along the way we lost the videos of our family when they were young. They have been lost for many years but it still makes my heart hurt- xo Diana

  2. Beautiful post! The queen Anne's Lace is gorgeous. I look forward to your photography tutorial.

  3. Lucy querida!
    Como teu jeito de escrever é doce e cheio de ternura!
    Nossos videos foram roubados...faço de tudo para que as lembranças permaneçam...pena que nossos filhos não saberão como era lindo esse tempo,aliás saber eles saberão, mas seria muito melhor se vissem as cenas desse tempo!

  4. Pięknie i tworzysz i piszesz i robisz zdjęcia. Oglądam Twojego bloga od wielu miesięcy i za każdym razem jestem zachwycona. Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie.

  5. Such a sweet post, Lucy. It's such a joy to reminisce, isn't it? It also helps give us a better perspective because we are reminded of just how far we have come, and how much we have grown. Motherhood is truly a privilege, and we are so blessed to have 3 of our daughters grown and married. You see all you have poured into them come full circle, and it is such a joy. We have one 14 daughter home with us, and we are really savoring our time with her. Life is good, huh?


    Looking forward to your tutorial! Always love your photos!

  6. I have been a bit nostalgic myself daughter just turned 17, my son 15...and I have been looking at old photos and wondering where the time has gone? It is a definite reminder to slow down and enjoy. As always your photos are stunning...and I am thrilled that you are going to do a photography tutorial! Thank you!

  7. Your photos are lovely. Wish I had video of the days my daughter was young, but it just wasn't such a heavily photo and video world in those days like it is now.


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