Tuesday, July 24, 2012

finding inspiration...a peek into my sketchbook

 The sun is slowly setting and as my eyes capture the 
magnificent warm hues of another day completed, I am inspired...

 Inspired by the sun's beauty and the way its cloak leaves trails 
of pinks and oranges as it walks away and gives way to the night.
Inspired by the delicate flowers on the 
field, that like ribbons adorn the landscape...

 I am inspired by the mysterious sunflower whose 
eyes stare back at me hypnotizing me with its beauty...

 With every stroke my brush takes, my soul sings...

...and I am content as I give way to my inspiration.

After painting the mural, I had not felt inspired to paint. Yet today, I couldn't help feeling inspired by the beautiful sunsets and the glorious sunflowers. 

 So alongside my kiddies I painted...

Wishing you a beautiful day,

much love,

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  1. Lucy, your musings and paintings are just beautiful.Thanks for opening up your sketch book for us once again.

  2. stunning! I've been trying to paint sunflowers with no success for over a year now... any hints or tips??

    Love your painting xox

  3. I love sunflowers. And you painting is gorgeous. Great job.

  4. Absolutely stunning...what a fantastic artist and I love that you are teaching you children to love creating!

  5. Oh Lucy, that is just gorgeous! I love sunflowers and you have painted them so beautifully.

  6. Love it!! Do you generally have to look at something or can you just paint it out of your mind? I always have to look at something, but that's not bad. Just the way different people work, but I've been struggling to find inspiration lately. I need to go find some flowers! :)


  7. �� I am so glad you are painting again!! Your work is beautiful !

  8. Your sketchbook is amazing, truly amazing! Thank you for sharing your work!

  9. What an amazing, amazing talent you have. Your sketchbook is amazing!!!! xo Diana

  10. "Glorious sunflowers"...yes; Glorious paintings also!!!!

  11. Late seeing this, but this is really gorgeous. Love sunflowers and hope to buy some this weekend. Fall is in the air.


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