Saturday, February 18, 2012

The ugly side of creativity...and an Anthro knockoff

Good Day everyone!  I hope you had a great week.

I promised myself minimal blogging this weekend as we celebrate the Family Day long weekend here in Ontario.  Even though I truly believe that family should be celebrated and enjoyed every single day, this weekend is for the kiddies so it's a quick post today...
(a peek into my sketch book)
Art is my passion and in it I find release and happiness. 

But I also find calmness and peace in a clean and organized 
space which clashes with my creative mind because...

But in my defense (honey), I don't have a crafting space to call my own. I usually craft on the kitchen island and paint on our dinette table.  So when a craft does not get completed right away, these little 'art bunnies' can be seen around the house.

I try to make neat little piles so not everything is scattered, but I do have to admit that these 'art bunnies' do steal my joy because I am a bit of a clean freak.

A few weeks ago, I shared some inspiration pictures on my FB page of  linen closets converted into craft areas and I hope to accomplish that in the weeks to come.  But for now, I'm trying to make my artistic mess a little more  appealing. 

Enter my Antrho knockoff....

 That's suppose to say 'yarn', but you get the idea...

You will need:
Yarn white and other colour of choice
Hot glue gun
Tin cans or pot
Cotton rope

- Cut several pieces of yarn to the length you would like your blocks to be (these were approx 16")
- Wrap white yard around rope and secure with hot glue
- Wrap colored yarn and secure with hot glue; continue wrapping yarn alternating between the white and the coloured yarn until you reach the length that will completely cover  your pot when you coil  around it 
- Hot glue coil around pot or tin cans

 Here they are side by side. 

Anthropologie's on the left and mine on the right.  Notice that their coil varies in thickness.  A thick and a thin one as well as the size of the color blocks are different. Not having seen them in person, I can only assume that the rows of rope were glued on individually, allowing them to vary the size as well as allowing them to achieve the checkered effect which mine do not have.

I was ok with the random pattern of my pots so I decided to do one long piece of rope (I guess I took the easier way out).

Hopefully these will one day be displayed in my own crafting space.....

Well my friends, at the beginning of this post I was hoping for a quick post but an hour later, I'm still here typing away.  I should have known there is no such thing as a 'quick post' .  I'm off to enjoy my family...

much love,

By the way, I have been replying to your messages via the reply thread on the blog itself.  Does anyone know if these replies come right to your mail box or do you have to come back to the blog to see them?  I would love to know because I want to make sure you get my messages...:)


  1. Love those decorative cans.I also do not have a creative space.I am cleaning out a space in our home that will eventually hopefully soon be a space of my own.

  2. These are just so lovely, would surely give it a try! thanks for sharing

  3. Go ahead and test with me. I'll let you know, Lu. I'll check back on Monday since I know you're with the fam this weekend:-) Love the Anthro knock-off!

  4. Looks so creative and gorgeous.. totally gonna try by myself - thanks for sharing :) ^^
    - Marite from ( :)

  5. These are so gorgeous! And your sketchbook is are so talented!
    Happy Family Day Long Weekend from Alberta!

  6. I love them! I may just have to try it myself. Have a great weekend!

  7. That is adorable, way to think outside the box!

  8. Oh Lucy, what a fabulous job you've done! Bravo, my friend. As for me, I actually am a neat creative person, as contradictory as that sounds ☺. J x

  9. Just gorgeous!! I love your tidy little pots and the winding of the yarn looks soo theraputic... I could do this!! I hope you get your creative space too.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing these. I am always looking for ways to rein in my creative mess.

  11. I have two pots that are just blah and this awesome design is just what they need for a lovely splash of color. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Lucy-

    When you comment on my site, I do see them in my inbox. :)

    Art bunnies are my existences, as well as toy bunnies. The kids recently gave my sofa a makeover with blue tempera paint. At least it wasn't mommy's

    One day, my friend, we will both have studio spaces again. Although the island/dining room situation is working out quite well at the moment.

  13. Love you little pots!!! I have quite a few that needs some love and this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!
    Hmmm..I have been wondering about the reply thing myself. Let me know what you find out about this, please? I reply to comments made on my blog also, not sure if anyone see's them.

  14. I love this idea. I have a few...15-20 empty tin cans on hand waiting for a great project...I think I found it. Thanks! I always have to go back to the website to get the reply to my question or doesn't come to my email.

  15. those are some awesome knock off's. You rock!

  16. Wow Lucy! So fun looking, And I'm so glad I'm not the only one without a proper crafting area. I have to use my washing machine as work space lol!

  17. super cute!!! And i love your little sketches. What all do you journal/sketch about? :) so cute. I'd love to do things like that!!

  18. Lucy,
    These are gorgeous! I have to say, I actually like your version better than the original :) About the comments... I was wondering the same thing and I tested it out with another blogger account I have. I never received an email, so I am pretty sure the "reply" comments just stay on the blog and the person would have to check back to your original post to see them. I've decided to email my reply comments directly, unless they are a "no reply" blogger. Then I leave it on the blog. Thanks for all your beautiful projects and inspiration! I love your blog!!

  19. Sending some love your way:

    LOVD tidings!

  20. Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your blog. I just came across it today via Dear Lillie blog and LOVE it. Thanks for all the great tutorials and inspiration!

  21. These are AWESOME!! Add something else to my to-do list!

  22. New Follower, so happy to have found you ! Love these!


  23. Love it more than the Anthro version! It is just the thing to hold my pen/pencils on my desk - I'm going to give it a whirl!

  24. I love this idea~care if I steal it to make a couple for myself? Even my daughter would love to do some of these in her favorite colors. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm your newest follower~

  25. I think I actually like these better than the similar ones from Anthro!

  26. I ❤ your knock offs!!!!! So easy and such great results...I am off to find just the right container to make one of these! Did I say I ❤ these?
    YOU BET I DO! Thanks!

  27. PS I so feel your pain of the very limited crafting space...anywhere I can spread MY craftiness out is fine with me! My desk, living room hardwood floor, bedroom carpeting floor...yep any where I can spread my "mess" out!

  28. Gotta say I love YOUR'S better. Looks like an "in front of the tv" project if ever there was one and I'm so pinning this.

    Thanks for the great tutorial!
    Bernadette @ B3HD

  29. You cant even tell the difference what a great knock off I love them. I could do with some craft organisation im my life lol I have it spilling out of every possible drawer, cuboard ect it would be nice to set up a proper desk area xxxx

  30. Love this idea! This is definitely a project to pin. Thanks for sharing!

  31. It's possible to make these (and use less hot glue but slightly more yarn) by wrapping the yarn without cutting; you wrap your first color until it's just short of its desired width and then start the end of the 2nd color under the wrap of the 1st; when the 1st is done your 2nd color can start immediately and wrap around both the cotton rope and the 1st color, then you can switch back to the 1st without cutting and hot-gluing the ends every time you switch colors.

    Whether you pre-cut lengths or wrap without cutting you can also pre-wrap the rope around the can/jar as you go; this allows you to adjust the color blocks so that you can get that checkered pattern (or stepped/offset, or whatever you like). If you want to get really fancy you can measure the circumference of your jar first and divide it into equal lengths so you know exactly how far to wrap each of your color blocks.

    1. Forgot to say - these are beautiful! :) Yours look better than the Anthro pots.

  32. I would not have given the anthro pots a second look, but yours, I love. Very clean and summery looking. Almost a beach look to them. Excellent!

  33. Yours is brilliant! literally. But we must always give thanks to our originals for they inspire us. In this case the Anthro piece maker.

  34. to me, yours look more beautiful than anthropologie's! I would like to try this, but I already have so many handmade jars for my art supplies... :D Does anyone else have that problem? :)


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